Saturday 16 March 2013


Have you ever wondered what dreams mean? Many books have tackled the subject and I have yet to read one that I truly believe.

My dreams consist of various images and events, some fantasy and light and some down right nightmarish. When I wake up I like to lie back and experience them again, never trying to psychoanalyze why I had any one dream in particular.

Have I told you my friend, about the one I had the other night?

I was in a huge room, with many people sitting, some lying on couches with a fire burning in the center of the room. One man kept adding logs as the embers burnt down. Some women were dressed in evening gowns, most of the men wore togas in different colors. No one seemed to care or ask what the colors meant.

A man in a black toga appeared with a tray of drinks, I assumed it was wine as it had a dark ruby tinge. He stood in front of me, his piercing eyes dancing and a huge grin showing  stained teeth. I reached for a glass asking what the name of the wine was. He flipped his long dark hair, staring deep into my eyes, moving away without an answer.

A woman leaned over to say this was an exceptional vintage and to drink it slowly to enjoy the bouquet. Her toothy smile made her look animated as she moved on, the back of her dress was slightly ripped. She did not seem to notice.

Red toga man sat down beside me and asked what I thought of the wine, he told me it was made right here and he helped with the contents. I must have given him a questioning look as he proceeded to tell me it took all the red togas to donate enough blood for this night’s fine drink. 

Oh my god, I slowly put the glass on the table beside me.

Music started to play softly in the background and he asked if I was ready to dance with him. Before I could answer he pulled me up and swept me to the floor. He whispered in my ear, was I ready to accompany him upstairs? I seemed to be in the middle of an orgy and did not even realize?

From this dream, I wanted to wake.

Why did I dream about blood wine, men in togas, and an orgy?

But I don't ask those questions do I?


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