Tuesday 26 March 2013

Dream Deja vu

Do you ever have the same dream repetitively?

Since I was a small child, I have always dreamed most nights.

Until I am in this dream, I cannot remember it until my tongue starts to swell, filling my mouth. It stops me from crying out for help. When I was very young, I would try to stay awake so I would not fall asleep and have this dream repeatedly.

It comes less often now and its one dream I cannot remember what else happens. Until a few months back, I finally did. I was in a field with yellow buttercups and I was picking them to take home.

A woman with unruly long black hair, knurled fingers with a flowing red dress, red lipstick to match with pink shoes peeking out appeared. She came so close I could smell her terrible perfume, opening her mouth to speak her teeth were crooked and she had one front tooth missing. She started to rant at me, telling me not to pick the flowers, as they would die and so would I.

I dropped the flowers and started to run down the hill, she came after me yelling that I was on her list and she would come visit me at night, as she knew where I lived.

She ran faster than I could and was catching up until she stumbled over her long dress and started to spin down the hill faster than I could run. She passed me, stopping ahead, and blocked my path.

I tried to scream but my tongue got in the way. 

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