Monday 21 January 2013

Devil verus Angels

I argue with the devil most days my friend, having said that I try to be a good person all things considered.

The devil is always there in our subconscious hovering, waiting to strike. No one is perfect. He has many targets to choose from, blaming the devil for evil is much too easy.

Do angels try to rescue you when your thoughts or actions betray you? Are you the one to decide your destiny in life through your heart and mind?

Love and hate is a fine line. It is where angels and the devil hover to see who falls. You have to be the one to decide if you want angels or the devil to succeed in your conscious decisions.

The devil and angels are always competing for you, only you can decide who will win out. Do the devil and the angels keep score on who wins daily in the search for a good or bad soul?

We need angels, but also need the devil to help us see them.

Friday 18 January 2013

Death. The final act?

Have you ever considered your death? How does it appear to you? 

In dreams, I have died many different ways. However, I have never yet been satisfied how my demise will look through the eye of a camera. Was the angle or lenses the right one or do I look fat puffy or just plain ugly? I have never figured out my good side after all these years in front of a camera.

Once my dream brought me to a high mountain cliff. I was slipping off the edge and my hero came to my rescue and swept me into his arms. Glad I did not die, as he was a good lover in the end. Death interrupted. Picture will not look good as I have bruises on my face.

Another was fighting in a war. Is this my death interrupted again? Now I am the heroine saving men trapped in a cave and I get them out through a tunnel leading into water and save one who can’t swim. My hair has spiders in it. Cut.

Now I am in the middle of a violent ocean storm that sends the boat swirling and tossing. The water soaking me and I have no idea on how to save myself from ending up in the dark water and drowning. I see a light shinning in the distance, tie myself to the wheel and head towards it. Death again interrupted. But now I am soaking wet, not camera ready.

I hope that I will have time for many more dreams and when it is my time to leave, the camera angle will make me look good. Or not.

Will the final act be death or just a move on to new dreams, new acts and new adventures?

When will I be ready for my close up?