Thursday 14 March 2013

A Dream

I believe every dream has a meaning and we can learn from each one if we choose to try.

I was walking the trails in the park near home, a slight rain had started, and the surrounding trees protected me from the light drizzle. The air was fresh and I could smell the scent from the mixture of greenery.

I heard a slight moan ahead and thought maybe I was coming upon a couple making love. I veered to a path on my right, as the moan grew louder. Instantly, I knew it was someone crying for help. Then voices, one was a man’s, the other a women sobbing.

Was she being molested and needed help? 
Quietly and slowly I retraced my steps towards the sound. 

A small man with a knife bent over this woman was cutting away her blouse. He had her hands tied above her head. She whimpered, pleading for him to stop. The knife was at her throat as he started to move down her body tantalizing this poor women stopping at her chest. Blood seeped from her blouse.

I looked around for something I could hit him with and found a tree branch. As I reached for it, I tripped falling backwards. He heard me and came rushing at me with his knife using slashing motions. Hatred on his face. I rolled to my side and as he neared, I lashed out with the branch hitting him on his face, he fell backward and I kept hitting him until he lay still.

I ran to the women, untying her as I spoke softly that she was going to be all right. Her brown eyes flashed wide with fear as she started to get up. She stumbled, I held her as she sat and began to shake. I took off my jacket covering her up and put my scarf over her wound to try to stop the bleeding.

The man started to stir so I went back smacking him hard, he was going to have a headache tomorrow.

I called the police, told them where we were and to bring an ambulance. If he stirred again he was going to need one.

She had met this man on the internet. Said he seemed nice when he came to meet her. Then suggested they have a quiet walk in the park.

I woke as my alarm rang.

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