Saturday 9 March 2013

Where am I?

The banging would not stop. 

My head was throbbing. 

I can never remember having such a bad headache. As I looked around all I could see were stairs leading up to a door, beside me a bench, two chairs and a table. Bits of old food left with flies all over it. The only light was a small bulb over the table. 

How long had I been here? Who brought me to this dismal place? Why would my head not stop hurting? I woke up shivering from lying on the concrete floor. My head felt like I had been drugged. I tried to stand, a wave of dizziness passed over my whole body. 
Voices arguing from upstairs, and then sounds like two people crossing the floor, a door slamming and then I heard a car starting up. Then silence. 

With my head pulsing, I moved quickly to the stairs. I started to climb on my hands and knees one stair at a time. The debris along with the splintering boards cut into my skin. I had to get out before they returned. I quietly turned the knob, scared someone would be on the other side. It would not budge. Locked. 

I had to find something to pry open this door and did not have much time to do it. I sat on my bum and inched down the stairs to look for something to help me. Finally found a piece of strong metal on the bench. I started my climb again moving faster this time. Wedging the metal between the door and molding until I could feel it move. My only thought was not to get sick with the excruciating pain in my head. I pushed all my weight on the metal and then the door clicked open.
I waited a few seconds, opened the door a slit, to listen, hearing no sound. 

As quickly as I could move, I was running towards daylight and a kitchen door. I grabbed a knife sitting on the counter. I could hear a car and peaked out to see it coming up the driveway. Two large men emerged. I dashed out the backdoor and started to run towards the trees, they stopped the car a few feet from where I had run past a few minutes before. I stayed still behind the tree and held my breath. If they came near, I was willing to fight with the knife in my bleeding hand. 
They entered the house, with bags and I knew that I did not have much time before they found me gone from the basement. It was dusk and growing dark. I had to get far away from this place as I was sure they would come after me. I stopped to catch my breath. 

I was so weak but kept pushing myself, I had no idea where I was but could hear water flowing. It was a small stream so I splashed cold water on my face, it was refreshing and my aching head started to clear a bit. I could hear a highway in the distance and started to run, tripping and falling over a tree stump. I was now bleeding profusely from my legs and hands. I could hear running and it was close. 
I looked around for somewhere to hide, why did these men want me. I racked my brain to try to remember how I got here in the first place. My mind was blank. 

Now the sound was close, walking quieter and slower, He was right there looking up the slight hill towards the highway, he did not see me between a crevice of rocks. He headed towards the hill in a run. If he looked back, he would see me for sure.
I quietly moved towards the bushes and waited. I could hear traffic from the highway and then a loud bang and brakes screeching. 

That woke me up.

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