Sunday 17 March 2013

Real or Dreaming

I recognized my husband who had been dead for six months as he awakened me.

He sat down beside me on the bed and held my hand, I smelt his familiar scent as it was all through the air. I reached for him, kissed him, and could feel the return of his body next to mine. Love radiated through to my soul. I held him tightly and never wanted to let him go.

He caressed me gently and held my face in those hands that I was so use to holding. I pulled him towards me and slid slowly down in my bed bringing him with me. His hands moved over my body with gentleness and knowledge. He felt the same after all those years we had shared this bed, and we knew every inch of each others body. He had finally come back to take me with him.

I told him I had been waiting to travel wherever he wanted to take me. He looked very sad as I started to get up to go with him.

He then told me he had just come back to say his last good-bye before he left for good, that I had been holding on too strongly. His spirit and soul were having trouble leaving this earth.

I begged him not to leave me again, he told me he would always wait for me in eternity, but it was not my time yet. He kissed me and then he was gone.

My sobbing woke me up.

1 comment:

  1. The tears where streaming down my face.
    Very powerful.