Sunday 20 December 2015

A Visit

The street light reflected the snowflakes sparkling, as they swirled through the air, landing lightly to the ground.

I felt the softness of the crimson satin sheets as I made up my bed, the champagne submerged in ice, two glasses sat alongside. The fireplace reflected my nude body in the mirror as I slipped out of my nightgown, sliding beneath the cool sheets, the feel of  soft fabric on my body as I snuggled under the eiderdown.

Drifting off into never land, a noise awakened my senses, there stood a figure in red flannel rubbing his hands beside the fire as he slowly disrobed. His bulk lay beside me as we  intertwined, his caress started as we made passionate love, then sated we lifted the champagne to our lips and nibbled a shortbread cookie toasting each other. As I drifted off a whisper in my ear, "Ho Ho, Merry Christmas."

I awoke, from a click of my door. I could feel the warmth where he had laid beside me, my body quivered, as I relived this beautiful Christmas Eve and my visit from Santa.

Tuesday 1 December 2015


Leo arrived with coffee and a big smile in the morning. I had never seen him so happy. Something was up as he could hardly contain his fidgeting, which was unusual for him. Lawrence had approached one of Leo's associates asking for information on me, what relationship I had with Leo. If I was working for him professionally or was it personal.

"So Lawrence is not going to let me get on with my life." I laughed.
"I find this hilarious that he would be interested in what you were up to after this long away from the force." Leo replied.  
"Would it have anything to do with Brazil?" I asked.

"How could it? The names for your alibi were given to the FBI months ago."

"Had they checked those names for verification?" I asked.

"They went down the list, every one confirmed you were on the boat."  

Frowning, "Then he is just trying to stir something up on his own."

"I am amused that he thought we had something going on personally, I wonder if he is having us watched?" he chuckled.

After Leo left I phoned Tom asking to meet for a drink tonight around seven. He said five would be better if it was okay with me. My thoughts went to him leaving work earlier lately.
Tom was waiting and got up to give me a hug, ordering me a drink from the bartender. We chatted and got up to date on what was going on at both our jobs. I told him about Lawrence's inquiring about me and Leo. Tom then told me that the detectives had filed a complaint against him, apparently he was getting them to do work outside office hours that had nothing to do with what was going on with the crimes that they were supposed to be working on. When Lawrence was brought to task from his immediate boss, his reason was too many drug lords were getting away with whatever they wanted .And he wanted a special task force to get evidence on them and put them all away. 

"Maybe he is looking into who Leo has working for him to try and get something to turn on him," Tom said.
"Meg, let him make the first move, you know he cannot be trusted not to throw you under the bus. He still has not let it go that you left the force not saying he was not the problem."

We sat finishing our beers and Tom walked me to my car, we both noticed at the same time an unmarked police car sitting under a tree in the darkness. "Don't let on we see them as the back-light lit up two figures." I nudged Tom. He grabbed me pulling me towards him and planted a kiss on my cheek. "Be careful Meg." Tom was a good friend he always looked out for me and kept me informed on what was going on at the station.

I waited until I went into the office the next morning to tell Leo what had happened the night before. Was I starting to be an informer for Leo? I asked myself. 

"Could our phones be tapped?" was the first thing out of my mouth.

Leo left and was back within minutes, handing me a throw away phone to use when contacting him.

The phone rang, Susan picking up, looking at me to see if I was in, writing down it was a Lawrence calling.

"Yes, Lawrence what can I do for you?" I said pleasantly.
He wanted to meet for lunch, was I available today. Let the bastard wait, telling him my schedule was full for the next two days but Thursday would work. A pause at the other end then an abrupt okay.

Clearing up a few cases I had Susan finish with the billing, I headed out to meet Lawrence at a local restaurant. He was waiting at the table with a drink already half finished, getting up he waited till I sat across from him. He asked what I was drinking calling over the waitress ordering another for himself. 
"Just lemon water for me thanks." 
"Not drinking Meg?" he asked.
"It is a little early for me, Lawrence." Smiling.
Lawrence ordered a steak sandwich, I a salad. Then he got right down to business as we waited for our order.
I asked you to meet as I have a few questions, I would like to ask you, and thought it would be better done over lunch. How is your detective business going. Meg?"
"Lets get to the real point of what you want to know, Lawrence, and not waste our time. My business is great and I am building clients daily." 
"What has Leo got to do with your business, Meg?"  
"Why, Lawrence, would you have this interest with my business?" 
"He is not the most reputable person to associate with."
"I have not found that a problem, Lawrence and it is really none of your business who I have as friends."
"Oh, so you are friends with drug dealers now."
 "You don't seem to be well informed about Leo, he got out of the drug business after his girlfriend Kitty was killed, he is in imports and exports of antiques to my knowledge."
A look on his face showed displeasure, our lunch arrived and we ate without commenting further on the subject. Until he finished his sandwich then he got to why he asked me to lunch.
"I want you to inform on Leo and his business Meg, as I am going after all the drug dealers in my area, even if you think Leo is not still dealing. Unless you are personally involved with him." A smile covered his face.
I wondered what planet he was living on, as if I would betray my now trusted friend.
"No thanks, I have no interest in helping you, I have never liked you, which I am sure you are aware of Lawrence."
Getting up I put money on the table to cover my lunch and left him sitting there.

As I was leaving I noticed the fellow behind the bar, he looked familiar but I could not place him. Reaching my car my phone from Leo rang, he told me he was on his way to Brazil his Mother was gravely ill, he would be away for a few weeks, he told me to be careful and to ditch this phone. He hung up before I had a chance to ask why. I phoned Susan to check if anything was going on. I had a new client, an appointment for tomorrow. I told her I had some personal stuff to do and when she left to transfer any calls to my home phone.

Stopping to buy some groceries and a few bottles of wine, I pulled out Leo's phone from my bag, taking the battery and SIM card out I dropped it into the dumpster beside the store after stepping on it with my heel. When I drove into my driveway it was turning dusk, but I had done everything on my list. My answering machine showed four calls. 

I heated up some pasta pouring a glass of wine before listening to my calls. Tom laughing telling me karma was working, Lawrence had been in an accident and was in the hospital with a broken arm and stitches to his head. His alcohol level was above the limit for driving. He had been suspended from the force pending an investigation. Apparently no one is talking about the cocaine in his glove compartment. 

The next call was from one of the union reps following up on Lawrence's suspension. Would I call as Lawrence said I could confirm he only had two drinks at lunch, apparently the waitress said he had four. The other two were new clients wanting me to get back to them

Pouring another glass of wine I headed to take a long hot bath all the calls could wait.  Soaking my thoughts went to Joe and the tears started to flow, I still missed him and our talks, would I ever feel whole again. My phone brought me out of my melancholy mood as I put on my robe and answered.
John Malec, the union rep was not going to give up, could I answer a few question for him. "Ask away John." I answered. He wanted to know how long I had been with Laurence at lunch and how many drinks he had consumed. Never mentioning the cocaine. "I was at the restaurant for about an hour, he had two drinks while I was with him, I do not know how many he consumed before or after I left." He wanted to know why we were having lunch, I told him to ask Lawrence, and hung up.

I was in the office before Susan, a knock and Ken Block stood in the doorway. Ken was Lawrence's boss. He was one of the nicest men that I had known on the force, fair and always ready to listen if any problems arose. I asked if he wanted coffee, then we sat sipping, talking about old times. Then he asked if I would mind setting a few things about yesterday straight. "Well Ken, as I told John on the phone I saw two drinks being consumed at lunch within an hour."
"Meg, the waitress said she served him four drinks could she have been mistaken?"
"Ken would not the blood alcohol level show how many he had, I only saw two while I was with him, he could have had more before or after I was there." 
"You were always a smart detective Meg, we were very sorry to lose you. The bartender confirmed the waitress's statement, Lawrence also had cocaine in his car."

Playing dumb I let on this was news to me. Then a light went on I knew where I had seen the bartender before. He worked for Leo.
"Thanks for your help Meg, can I ask why you were having lunch with Lawrence yesterday, knowing you two were not the friendliest at the station."
"Lawrence called me a few days ago and ask me to meet him he had some question to ask me about a tenant in this building, you remember Leo, he was on a rant that he was going to set up a task force to clear all the drug lords out of his district and wanted my help, I told him I thought Leo had given up the drug trade after his girlfriend Kitty was killed and he was into importing and exporting antiques and I had no interest in helping him, that is when I left."  
"Thanks again, Meg, I won't take up anymore of your time, but it was great to see you."

I had four cases to deal with so did not have time to dwell on Lawrence or Leo. Susan informed me Leo had sent a text saying his Mother had passed away two days after his arrival, so had time to see and talk before she passed. The funeral was tomorrow and he would be back next week. I told Susan to wire flowers from both of us.
I had a few questions to ask Leo when he came back, but it was really nothing to do with me. Was I getting soft towards this man that had done so much to help me out. 

Susan announced a client. I was taken back by this tall dark handsome man standing at my door His suit, dark grey, shirt a shade darker with a black tie. His black hair had a wave that looked like he had a natural curl. His piercing eyes a mysterious brown. He hovered over me shaking my hand. 
"What can I do for you, Mr .Andrew?" I asked with a small swallow.
"Please call me Brad," as he sat. His eyes sparkled moving around my office taking in every inch, then settling down looking straight into my eyes.

He had gotten my name from a friend who I had help a few months back and wondered if I could do the same for him. He had two children under five and was trying to get custody from his wife who he thought was abusing them. They both had several trips to the hospital with broken bones and bruised bodies when checked out by a doctor. His ex had a boyfriend whom he thought may be involved. He had contacted the ministry for children, they thought it was a ploy by him to get custody. He needed proof.

I got all his information where his family lived, what preschool they attended, and both names of the adults involved. The boyfriend lived with his ex wife and had no job. Brad was sure he had a drinking problem.
He wrote out a cheque saying he would appreciate a quick solution before the kids got hurt again.
My clients were growing faster than I could handle and I would have to make a decision to hire someone to help me with my case load. 

Tom texted late in the day to ask if I was still up for our drink tonight at five. I had completely forgotten, texting back, saying yes, same place. Before leaving the office I headed up to Leo's office and there sat the bartender reading the paper. Asking if he was busy with Leo away he shook his head no, and introduced himself as Bunt. "Can you do me a favor and check out a man for me." I asked.
Giving him the address of Brads family, and the mans rap sheet. I filled him in on what Brad had told me. He looked happy to be getting something to do. I never mentioned I had seen him at the restaurant.
Tom was waiting when I arrived with a hug and a beer. Lawrence was still in hospital and the rumor was he was told to retire early or wait for the investigators to prove their case and be fired. The union told him they would lose if it went to court.
"Meg, it is odd that he said his brakes failed and the cocaine was planted. He swears that he only had two drinks and has never done any drugs. Do you think someone was out to stop him from getting close to the drug trade that he kept going on about?"
"Tom I think he got exactly what he had coming, he ruined many careers over the years it could have been someone from the force or some drug addict out to get him. Who knows for sure."
We talked of Toms retirement, he decided to stay on for another year since Lawrence was out of the picture. I told him I was so busy I was thinking of hiring another detective to help me. 
"Meg you made the right move and I am happy it is successful for you." Leaving we said our goodbyes outside, nobody checking on us in the darkness this time.

I drove past Brads family home Bunt was sitting in his car across the street watching the house. Slipping into his car he had the rap sheet sitting on the dash, a few misdemeanors and two assaults, none ever going to court. The lady and her kids arrived home about twenty minutes ago.
"Some guy." Bunt said. Just as I was thanking him the door flew open a small child running screaming out onto the sidewalk, a man appeared to catch her scooping her up, she struggling to get away. A woman appeared yelling at the child to be quiet. Bunt and I looked at each other both jumping out of the car running towards the house just as the door started to close. Bunt put his foot down to stop it from closing. A little boy had blood coming from his mouth the girl who had run outside was still screaming. 

"Who the hell are you?" the man yelled. I could smell liquor on his breath.

The woman stood frozen beside him and the child. The little guy was openly crying tears streaming down his little face. The little girl still struggling to get away from this man.
"I am a investigator hired by your ex and I am arresting you for endangering these two children." I yelled.
Bunt grabbed the girl away and picked up the little boy in his big arms. They both snuggled into his body. Blood still flowing from both kids. I phoned for an ambulance, then Brads number telling him to get over here right away.
That was when Brads ex came alive saying we were making a big mistake the children were just misbehaving.

The police arrived just as Brad and the ambulance, Brad climbed into the ambulance with his kids both holding onto him tightly.
Both ex and bully were taken away in separate cars after I made a statement about what had gone on and that the father had hired me to watch for his kids safety. 

Bunt faded nicely into the background as I was talking to the police.

Another long day but a good feeling about it. Home for a Scotch and hot bath.

The next week flew quickly I interviewed six people, none were what I was looking for. Phoning Tom I asked if he knew any names he could give me of someone who would fit in. He told me he would put out some feelers. He warned that Lawrence was out of the hospital and was making waves that he was set up and was going to fight the charges.

Leo arrived home bringing Susan and I both a lovely Brazilian bracelet. He asked quietly while Susan was on the phone saying he needed to talk to me privately in his office right away as he left. I waited a bit then telling Susan I had a few errands to run. Bunt opened the door Leo sat behind his desk, not looking happy.

He told me he had been followed to the airport when he left for Brazil, stopped at immigration when he arrived and then again when he landed here. The FBI had interrogated him at length in both instances. They asked him what relationship did he have with me. Apparently Lawrence was at the bottom of this.
He wanted to know what Lawrence had wanted from me and what I had said. I explained word for word what had transpired while he was away, and a friend had just told me Lawrence was out to prove he had been set up. I even mentioned about Ken Block's visit to my office.
Leo was quiet for a time. Was he wondering how much I could be trusted? Then told me. Some of his associates were concerned about the damage Lawrence could do, he had the FBI behind him and most of his business partners had been followed and harassed like him. The pressure was on for them all. A meeting was set and Leo planned to retire for good. 
He was going to ask Susan to come to Spain with him. Would I be fine with that. He understood that I was looking for someone to help me in the business as he looked in Bunt's direction. It was the first time I had ever seen Bunt with a smile of his face.
"That way I will feel good about leaving you in good hands he will protect you with his life like he has done for me all these years."
The tears came quickly as I realized this man would be out of my life, and how much I cared for him, I was happy he had found someone like Susan to look after him.

"You will have to take your holidays to Spain to see us, as we both will miss you, dear girl." Leo said with a tear, he swiped away quickly.

Leo left to tell Susan all was fine, as I welcomed Bunt to my employ. We all went out to celebrate for dinner, Susan and Leo looked so happy, hopefully I would find someone in the future to share my life with.

Leaving the restaurant we said our good nights. Leo handed Bunt his Visa to pay the bill.  Leo opened the door, and there stood Lawrence swaying on the balls of his feet with a gun aimed at Leo.
"You have ruined my life you bastard, now you will pay," I could smell the liquor.
A gunshot rang through the quiet night, sending people scattering. Leo was on the ground bleeding, looking up, the gun was now aimed at me, before I could make a move Bunt was on top of Lawrence bashing his head onto the pavement. A shot grazed my arm, only a tickle of blood. Even with his arm in a cast he was a good shot. Lawrence lay on the curb blood covered his face.

The paramedics assured us that Leo was going to be fine as Susan jumped into the ambulance holding on to him tightly.  Lawrence was quickly cuffed and on his way to jail.
Bunt dropped me off after we checked on Leo at the hospital.

I had a message on my answering machine from Brad Andrews asking me out for dinner on Saturday night if I wasn't busy. 

I just might go.

Lawrence was charged with attempted murder and was waiting in jail for sentencing.


Friday 6 November 2015

Too busy to ponder.

I had worked straight for three months without a day off. I was starting to feel normal once again. I still missed Joe, a day never went by that he was not in my thoughts. Work was my therapy.
My business was steady and growing, I had hired a part-time secretary, she came in everyday for four hours and kept track of my clients did all the paper work. Susan was a middle-aged woman who had lost her husband a few years back and just wanted to get out of the house and stay active. Leo also spoiled her with cappuccinos in the mornings. He had taken a shine to her and she enjoyed the attention.

Arriving late on Monday morning a tall lanky man was waiting in my office. His dress told me he was a cop. Susan was chatting away as I opened the door. He introduced himself as Jeffery Brown from the F.B.I. Would I answer some questions off the record?
“Why off the record?” I asked. That seemed to take him aback for a minute, I could tell he was a newbie.
 “Well I just wanted it to be informal,” he stuttered.
“I prefer formal when dealing with police, what do you want?”
That is when he took out a picture of me from Brazil, blond hair loads of makeup, laid it on my desk. The picture was out of focus and taken from a distance. 
“Well who is this?” playing dumb.
“Her passport says her name is Susan Graft.”
“And why are you here asking me about her?”
“Because Susan Graft is no where to be found, she seems to have disappeared.”
“Are you asking me to find her, I am sure the F.B.I. has more resources than me.”
That is when Leo walked in, I introduced them, and Leo never missing a beat asked Jeffery if he was a new client. He obviously over heard the conversation before he came in the door.
“Leo seems like this girl Susan Graft is missing and I am not sure why they want me to find her.”
“I am sorry if you misunderstood, we don’t want you to look for her.” Again stuttering.

“Then why are you here bothering this nice lady then?” Leo keeping his voice low.

“A lady in Brazil thinks this woman had something to do with her boyfriend’s murder. And your partner was killed by this man.”

“Is she an American citizen? What do the Brazilian police say? Are you accusing me of being Susan Graft?” I laughed.

“When was this man murdered?” Leo nonchalantly asked.

When Jeffery stuttered out the date of the murder. Leo started to smile.
“Well, Meg that was when we went sailing for the week.” You must have had twenty witnesses that week of sailing, guess you have plenty people to vouch for you.”

Jeffery thanked me leaving and apologizing for taking up my time. Leo’s look, told me not to say anything.
“Meg a client of mine wants to meet with you at dinner tonight, are you free?”
“Where and when?”
“Same place as we met Gilbert at eight.” Leaving he turned telling me he would have the list of the people’s names and phone numbers that sailed with us if I needed it. Leo was always thorough.

Tom called asking to meet for a drink tomorrow, same place same time. I messaged back I would be there, looking forward to seeing him.

Dinner was the usual five-course meal with no business discussed until coffee was served upstairs.
Daniel Markus was in his mid sixties, greying hair, with dark brown eyes a paunch showing over his belt. I would not call him handsome, but had a pleasing face. His skin tanned from being out in the sun. He was very polite and well spoken with a hint of a European accent. He explained why he wanted to hire me.
His wife, Sally, was being blackmailed by a man that she knew when she was a prostitute twenty years ago, she wanted to be an actress, but never making it she had gotten into the wrong crowd. This man had hooked her on drugs and exploited her. She had been upfront with Daniel before they married as she wanted to start out with a clean slate with him, she had not touched drugs since she married.
She had told Daniel right away when the man contacted her for fifty thousand dollars, saying he would expose her to all Daniels business associates and had a reporter willing to follow up her story. He wanted me to track him down expose him and scare the hell out of him.
I looked at Leo, “What am I missing? You could have one of your men scare him off easily.”
“Daniel is the owner of the ship we were sailing on and I have to stay clear of any connection here in case we are being watched by the F.B.I. Meg.

Daniel said with an inside smile, ”The week on my boat was me looking you over for this job.”
He passed me a folder and envelope, “This should help you get started, Meg.”
When I arrived home, I filled another paper bag putting it in my old suitcase. I had to open a safety box soon. Going through the papers the one on top had twenty names and phone numbers people that had been on the ship with me, all had written a statement saying I never left the ship for the whole week.

A man name Martin Kline was the blackmailer, Daniel supplied his address and cell phone. A picture showed a sleazy man in his forties, sitting beside a pool holding a drink. I would get my friend downtown to run him through the database. Then start following him until he made his first mistake. I hoped.

The next night I met Tom at the pub, he hugged me as I came to sit down beside him. “Is this our special place for meeting?” I chuckled.
He surprised me by ordering two beers. “Has Lawrence turned you to drink?”
“He is intolerable Meg and I only started to have a drink since he came to the office.”
“Then I am glad I got out when I did.”
We chatted, ordering a second beer, and then he got serious. Lawrence had asked him, what kind of clients I dealt with? Did he know I had been seen with the drug dealer Leo and my office was in his building? Did Tom know if I had been to Brazil in the last year?
“It is none of Lawrence’s business who I associate with or who my clients are.” I said with a smile.
I explained to Tom that a Jeffery Brown had came to my office asking questions about a Susan Graft who apparently was a suspect in the murder of Mathew. He knew Mathew had killed Joe. Fortunately, the week that the murder occurred I was out sailing and had twenty witnesses to say I never left the ship.
Tom sat back relaxing, with a huge smile. “Meg, I am thinking of retiring next year, so until then if I can be any help.

Martin Kline’s rap sheet was waiting for me at the office when I arrived the next morning. Susan and Leo were enjoying their coffee and she poured me one. Leo seemed to have a lot of time on his hands lately.
Martin had a few arrests for assault and a list of misdemeanors, the women always dropped the charges before he was charged. Stolen credit card fraud, spent a year in jail. His last address was about a mile away, so telling Susan I would be gone for the day I left them talking about Spain.
Martin’s house was a small rundown place, his yard a mess grass that needed to be cut. A neighbor was out trimming his flowers. He nodded as I went up to the door, calling he was not home. I walked over complimenting on his beautiful yard.
“Always one in every neighborhood looking towards Martins place,” he said.
Asking him a few questions, knowing he was not on a friendly terms with this neighbor. In addition, would probably never mention the questions I asked.
Martin had parties most weekends with women and men coming and going all night. His garbage can filled with liquor bottles.The police had made many trips here over the last year that he had lived here. But he told me they never did anything about the parties. One woman had been taken away in an ambulance, apparently from a drug overdose. He asked me to wait as he went inside and brought me a page of license numbers he had kept track of. The last one belonged to the woman taken away. I thanked him and left.
I sent a bottle of good Scotch to the home of my good friend from the station with a list of these plates. He had them waiting for me the next morning.
Lisa Shank - 1248 Leland Drive
Mac Grain – 3478 Shanty Street
The list went on mostly woman that lived in the surrounding area.
A woman answered when I called Lisa’s number, the person sounded older and told me she was in the Sea-View hospital. The nurse asked if I was a relative, lying I said I was her sister.
Lisa was hooked up to medical instruments and had a bandage around her head plus a black eye. I told her who I was and asked how she received the damage to her head. She mistook me for police, right away saying she would not lay charges against Martin.
I assured her I was not a cop and asked, “Why would you protect a man that hurts you?”
Her shakes turned to sobs. “He threatened to kill my Mom if I said anything against him.”
“I can help protect you and your Mom as I am a private investigator and working on a case against him.” She wrote out a statement and signed it. I got on to a couple of retired cops that I knew did security work and had them, watch over the Mom and her. Until I had Martin in jail.
Mac Grains wife answered the door, telling me Mac was at work. His office was downtown and I circled the block until I found a parking spot. His secretary asked if I had an appointment, saying no she told me he was in a meeting. I wrote down Lisa's name on a piece of paper and handed it to her to take it to her boss.
Two minutes later, she showed me into his office.
“Your wife gave me your work address.” I smirked purposely.
“You went to my house.” He yelled.
 “Yes a lovely women you have, how long you have her is up to you.”
“What the hell do you want from me?”
“I want to know every detail about Martin, how he operates his services.”
An hour later, I had a list of his clients, Mac used his services for woman when his clients from out of town wanted a good time. He occasionally joined his clients at Martins house. Martin had blackmailed him for over two years to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars to keep the men coming. He had gone to the house the other night to say he was no longer going to supply his clients and not going to pay him any more money. Martin threatened to tell his wife. Mac called his bluff and Martin told him fine he had another source to fleece.But he wasn't finished with Mac.
“Does my wife have to be told about any of this?” Mac asked.
“Not as far as I am concerned.” As I left him, he sat looking overwhelmed.

Martin’s lights were on when I drove up, he answered on the first knock as if he was expecting someone. Introducing myself, I told him who my client was and why I was here, he opened the door wider, looked outside before letting me in. I explained that I had two written statements one from Lisa the other from Mac, explaining everything about his girls and customers.
“Guess you could call yourself Madam Martin,” I said. “Oh by the way, Sally has no plans to pay the blackmail money neither does her husband. If you bother her again, everything I have in writing will go to the authorities.” I asserted.
His face grew crimson as he came towards me.
“If you want to go back to prison for assault, I will gladly give you the chance.”
That is when he lost it and picked up a pottery vase from the table, throwing it directly at me. As I sidestepped, it crashed into a wall behind me, as I drew my gun from my holster, he looked shocked I was so quick.
He was seething with anger, “You have not seen the end of me lady.” 
Susan called me at home the next morning, to tell me the office had been broken into, paper scattered all over, nothing seemed to be missing except my computer. Should she call the police?
Telling her not to bother I knew who it was, and what he was looking for. The statements I had gotten were at home. Martin thought if he destroyed them, he could scare Lisa and Mac into repeating them was my guess.
I went straight over to Martins house, had my gun out when he opened the door. He backed up and that is when I kicked him hard in the groin, when he bent over I hit him with the barrel of my gun. He was out cold as I took the rope from my purse tying his hands and legs. Getting water from the kitchen, I threw it at his head. Looking up groggy he started to swear.
“You are going to regret this lady, I will hunt you down and kill you,” he started to try to wriggle out of the ropes. He had one hand loose was trying to get free. I had to make a move before he could get to me.
“Blackmailers are the scum of the earth Martin, if you try it again I will come back and do worse than what I am going to do now.”
I then stuffed a kitchen towel in his mouth. "Lisa told me what you did to her and other women with a hammer.
I started methodically at his feet, breaking his toes with my hammer that I retrieved from my bag. His kneecaps were next, he passed out until I got more water dousing him. Then to his elbows and fingers behind his back. The last to break was his nose that is when the blood started spurting down his face. I untied him taking my rope the water glass and the kitchen towel. Picking up my computer from his desk, wiping the door as I left. Calling back to him cry good and loud Martin.
Stopping on the way home, I threw the glass and towel and my rope in a dumpster, heading home for a Scotch. I phoned Daniel and Sally and told them they would not be hearing from Martin again. Ten minutes later Leo called to congratulate me, his bodyguard had watched from across the street as Martin had been taken away in an ambulance. Apparently, his nosy neighbor had told him that Martin had multiple broken bones.

“Leo have you been following me?” I asked laughing sipping my drink.

Leo told me not to celebrate to much as he had another big job for me and would see me at  my office in the morning.

All he would say was it had to do with my old boss Lawrence.