Friday 29 March 2013

Another Trip

I went traveling last night. It did not take long to see friends.

Friends waved as I went past in a hurry to meet up with a man who I had long conversations with on many nights. He had been very vague about himself, but seemed to know all about me, never giving away much about his own history. This person intrigued me and  I wanted to find out more.

He was sitting beside what looked like some sort of black streamline space ship, he beckoned me to come sit. He said he had waited for many nights for me to arrive and thought I was going to miss going on a mission with him to places most would never dream existed. In a moment, we were sitting side by side, traveling through space.

A strange body with a glow about it appeared speaking in a language that I could not understand and my friend told me, I had to buckle up. Two people hovered in the background, they were dressed weird with skintight clothing showing how thin they really were. Using sign language to communicate rather than speak. An uneasy feeling washed over me.

We arrived at our destination and a crowd of small dwarf like people surrounded the ship. Jabbering amongst themselves dressed all the same, in bright colors matching the others from the ship. They all stared at me. We were taken to a facility underground with many doors and most had panels, using swipe cards to enter most had lettering in different codes I assumed they had meaning to those who understood. My friend said I looked anxious, and not to worry, all they wanted was to take some slides of me and some blood sample as they did many experiments here on us humans.

What had I gotten myself into? Would I ever get home to earth? Was my friend really a friend or had he been told to bring me here, could I trust this man? He took me into a sterile room handing me a gown, telling me once I changed to lie on a thin slab that was in the middle of the room. Then a sliver like object was injected into my arm and I was no longer conscious.

I woke to a humming in my head, we were back on the ship-moving fast in space. My so-called friend had disappeared.
Had aliens abducted me?

Wakening , I was sure that the red mark on my  body was shaped  like a triangles.

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