Monday 30 March 2015

A Stormy Night.

I could only see a few yards in front of me as the rain pelted against my windshield, the ominous clouds could not have been any darker making it nearly impossible to see to drive. The highway only had two lanes with curves plus a steep drop off if you went over the edge, landing you in the river below. The swift current would have a car disappear completely in seconds.
I should not have started out tonight as the forecast had warnings the road conditions were a danger with the storm reaching very high winds. Stubborn me wanted to get a head start on my vacation. I had only a week off planning to get to my cabin in the mountains to have as much time relaxing as I could.

Rounding a curve a silhouette of a body showed in my headlights, it was hard to make out if it was a person bent over or an animal, slamming on my brakes I skidded, stopping just before reaching it.

A man stood before my window, with a bundle in his arms, first I thought it was a baby until I opened the door to see a dog wrapped in a jacket assuming it was his as he only had a shirt on. Opening the back door of my car, he laid the wet coat with the dog on my new tan leather seat. Getting out and fetching a clean blanket from my trunk asking him to lift the dog while I slipped the dry one on my seat. All I got was a grunt.

He got into the drivers side without a word, I was speechless finally getting my voice to say I drive my own car and for him to get either in the back with his dog or the passenger seat. Starting up my car, he said if I wanted to stay here, it was fine with him as he put it into drive. Having no choice I jumped in soaking wet, my car seats would be ruined for sure.
I wanted to know why he was out here on such a terrible night that is when he said his car crashed into a barrier giving him and his dog time to jump before it went head first down the cliff. I told him he had a nerve to think he was a better driver than I was at least I stopped in time before I hit him.

He wanted to know where I was headed some second sense told me not to tell him so I said I was visiting friends in the next town. Another grunt before asking me who they were, I snapped back it was none of his business and to stop at the nearest place that he could get help to carry on his trip, he had not given me any information about himself.

The rain had let up some and I could see a slight dim of lights a mile or so away. Telling him to stop when we reached the town, all I got was another grunt. I turned on my radio all that came through was static in the mountains. Turning on my cell phone there was no reception either.
Before we reached town he drove off the main road into a narrow dirt road, I would have missed it as the overgrown trees hid the entrance. I could see a light down the roadway. I was starting to worry was he taking me to his place to be dropped off then I could be on my way or did he have another reason. Was he a rapist or a killer?

As soon as the car stopped, he let the dog out and gave him some command that I did not understand the dog stood erect waiting at my door. Leaning over quickly I locked all doors before he had a chance to know what happened. His face showed surprise then a loud laugh as he dangled my keys at the window.

Walking towards a rundown cabin, the light I had seen was from a porch, his only comment was I could sleep out here or in his warm bed with him. This man was a lunatic, how could I get away with the dog staring at me through the window.

My plan for a relaxing holiday was disappearing quickly. The rain was just a drizzle on the trees, he had started a fire as smoke arose from the chimney. Would the dog be friendly if I fed him my chocolate that was in the glove compartment, remembering that dogs got sick or died eating chocolate, did I have enough?

Climbing into the back, I opened my trunk digging for a few things that probably would help get me out of here in one piece. The dog watched every move as I threw him a large bar of my favorite chocolate, he sniffed then it went down his throat in one piece, waiting until he digested it, the next one went out the window, the third and forth I was so glad that I had a sweet tooth. He lay still after the forth one. I waited.  

Opening the door quietly he lifted his head slightly, a low growl then his head back down on the ground. He was not feeling good at all. I put on other jacket secured my gun which I always carried when staying at the cabin I only hoped he stayed that way, as I certainly did not want to shoot him to bring his master outside. I crept to his side and hit him hard on his head he was out cold. Then I started to run up the road towards the highway, hoping a car would come by, keeping to the side I started to jog, a cars headlights beamed up the road coming closer I was about to start to wave when I recognized it was my car. He knew I was gone.

I ducked into the bush but he had seen me, he jumped out yelling I would pay for hurting his dog and came crashing through the trees towards me. The rain had started again, pelting heavily as my feet sunk into the soft wet ground, I headed farther into the thickness of trees, and many logs had fallen small mice scurried over and around them. My foot caught on a branch that lay beside a large log I went head first banging my head making far too much noise even with the wind rustling the trees. Thunder roared above then lightening lit up the area, I could see him, looking around wondering which way I had gone, I stayed down behind the log hoping he would go in the opposite direction. No luck I could hear his heavy boots coming closer stopping to listen every few steps he took. He had a long handled rifle in his arm, I was sure he would shoot to kill and bury me out here among the trees.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness after the lightning had lit the sky, his must have had the same effect as he walked  so close his foot brushed against my hip as he passed muttering under his breath as I held mine. Reaching for my gun it must have fallen out of my pocket when I tripped, as I knew it had been there before I went down.

He had kept walking away from me deeper into the bush, I started feeling around for my gun in the wet leaves, hoping to feel the barrel against my fingers. His boots got closer, so close I could smell his odor as he stopped not making a sound, he knew or had heard me and was trying to figure out just where I was. I could feel movement under me a snake slithered under the log. At least I thought it was a snake I had a fear of all slithering creatures. Holding,a groan back in my throat.

“Come out, come out wherever you are” he chanted as the thunder roared once again. Praying no lightning exploded, if he saw me he would shoot, and I could not even move my hands to look for my weapon. Shouting over the thunder, he kept repeating he was the cat and I was the mouse and he would get me.  My body was soaking wet as I lay trying to hold my breath, shivering I was sure he would hear, I pulled my jacket up over my mouth.

How long would he stay and look for me, he must be soaked through too. Thunder roared then a strike of lighting hitting a tree as it crashed down he ran for cover, he was not fast enough as his leg was caught under the heaviest part of the trunk. A loud scream vibrated in the quietness of the forest and then a low groaning. Peeking over the log all I could see was part his mangled leg as lightening again lit up the area. This gave me time to spot my gun laying a few feet away from foot.

Gradually moving my body, I peeked up over the log. He saw the movement immediately, lifting his rifle to aim he got off a spray of bullets, this man was not giving up even if he could not walk. He had shot ten rounds that I counted he had another five to go if it was a Winchester that I saw. It certainly looked like the same kind as my Dad had. My head down I inched down the log, picking up a piece of bark throwing it as far as I could laying down. Another two shots rang out. He had at least three maybe more bullets left.

Circling as silently on my stomach I made my way around behind him trying not to make any noise as I went. Coming up behind him, I swept his rifle out of his arm with my foot. He stared, not saying a word, looking down at his leg that had started to bleed. He knew if I did not get him help and left him here, animals would start to feed on him. I emptied his rifle putting three bullets in my pocket, turned and walked to my car.

My car was sitting only a few feet from where I exited the bush, running I jumped in to find no keys in the ignition. I search the seat, the visor nothing, He had taken them with him, I had to go back and get them from him. Rain and wind seemed to increase out here on the road, Picking up a piece of a tree branch I headed back into the forest, wondering if I could find my way back to where my predator lay. Searching I could not see him I was sure I had the right place, he was not there but I could see where he had laid, a hole under the tree instead of his body. He had dug the wet ground and gotten his leg loose.

I heard him before he appeared in front of me, too late to run he came at me swearing, he was charging his one leg dragging, it did not seem to slow him down any. I swung the tree branch at his face, he grabbed my arm throwing me to the ground. Reaching I pulled my gun from my pocket firing two shots with him against me, he went down on his knees his look of surprise showed as he went down in the mud face first. I shot him again to make sure he was dead, waiting I saw no movement on his splayed body.

Searching his pockets, I heard keys jingle, no pulse he would not bother any other woman again. Rushing to my car I stopped thought a moment, I had waited too long for my holiday to have the police at my door. I had to go back to get my shell casings, the third shot in his back showed he was murdered.
Standing over him, I saw his knife in his belt bending over his still warm body I shivered and dug out the one in his back. Turning him over I sliced into his chest removing the other two bullets. His blood oozed onto the ground.
Picking up the shell casing I put them, his knife my bullets in my pant pocket. His body would not be found for a while in this weather, by that time the rain would have washed footprint and any other evidence away.

I headed to my car, I could still get to my cabin before breakfast to start my holiday.

Monday 23 March 2015

Serial killer

The newspaper reported on three murders.

The police tried to keep it quiet as not to start panic in the area of Winterfeed, it being a small community with only a handful of police at the small station in this rural area. A population of only two thousand people not many crimes had ever happened here.

Our division asked to help as our chief was a close friend of the sheriff and he only admitted to our chief that he thought he had a serial killer on his hands. He did not want the FBI sticking their nose into his case. I was one of the people picked. I packed enough in my suitcase to last a couple of weeks hoping it would only take that long to catch this crazed person. They had found three women raped, strangled and left in a stream where a fisherman had come across the first victim three weeks ago. The second women was found a week later by a couple walking their dog. The third women had been found near the stream, she was harder to identify as she had been mauled by animals and dragged a short distant.

My partner and I drove up Sunday morning the sun was starting to warm as it was the last week of June. The town nestled in amongst a beautiful setting of trees with a steam running beside the highway until we turned off towards town. You would have thought this place was out of some movie scene, old buildings with bright colors doors and window coverings. With a few older men sitting outside a café, a look from them told us they knew who we were and why we were here. This town reminded me of where I grew up a small town similar bringing back good memories of my childhood.

It was not long until we spotted the police station, parking the car Bill and I emerged into the hot dusty street, it was not paved as we walked the dust covered our clean boots. The door was wide open and an elderly lady sat behind an old desk that had seen better days. Her smile was infectious as she moved towards us with her hand extended. Introduced herself as Mrs, Bolton, she let us know she only helped out the real police girl was off having a baby.

Her boss was expecting us, he had just gone down to the café for lunch and should be back in half an hour, if we wanted to get settle at the hotel across the way as he did not like being disturb eating his lunch.

Saying we would take her advice we headed across the street, the man at the desk, wore glasses with large dark rims making his face look smaller than it actually was. His shirt had mustard left over from lunch splashed down the front. Asking if we needed help with bags we told him they were still in our trunk and we would bring them in later.

Handed us keys he went back to watching the television, saying over his shoulder the café down the street closed at seven so to make sure we got there for dinner by six, as it was the only place to eat unless we drove out to Extern twenty miles away.

We had noticed a coffee pot at the station so headed back to wait for the sheriff to arrive. Asking to read the reports on the murders Mrs, Bolton handed over the files that sat on her desk, telling us to help ourselves to the homemade cookies from her kitchen.

Just finishing our coffee, we hear heavy footsteps on the stairs and a bulk of a man stepped through the door, noticing he certainly did not miss any lunches or the homemade cookies. His stomach hid his belt, his beard his jowls, but greeted us with a smile and firm handshake. He was obviously happy for our help.

After going through the files with him again, he told us he did not have any suspects, thinking it had to be someone not from the area, as he knew everyone that lived here in town and the surrounding area. They all were good folk.

We suggested that we were going to head out to where the bodies had been discovered to have a look around he offered to drive us so we all got into his car. As we were leaving another police, car arrived and a young officer came towards the car poking his head in the driver’s side window. The deputy’s name was Gary, he looked no older than twenty as he nodded towards us. Asking George the sheriff if he should come too, George told him to catch up on his paper work and we would see him later. His look showed disappointment not to be included, going up the stairs two at a time he turned then headed inside the door.

We headed back out of town along the highway I noticed a few men fishing so I was sure the bodies had been dumped at night the men agreed. George stopped at a pullover and we started down towards the stream. Many footprints scattered the area hopefully the team had cordoned off the vicinity before all these prints appeared. George stood back as Bill and I walked the surrounding area back and forth a few times.

Bill spotted a piece of cloth on a branch pulling a plastic bag out. I canvassed the tree closer slipping under the branches, a cigarette lay half-covered by a leaf, and I too put it in a bag. I was sure the killer stood here after he killed one of the girls having a smoke. Looking further under the leaves, I spotted a black button beside a rock, when I picked up the button I could see a faint red spot. Calling to Bill, he said it certainly looked like blood to him. George bent down losing his balance, Bill catching him before he landed on me. That man needed to lose some poundage.

It would take a week before the samples came back from forensic, we put a rush on them sending them to our station. Getting back, we realized we had not eaten except a cookie at the station, we headed out to the café before they closed.

A grey haired women who looked like she should be home with her grandchildren instead of waiting tables handed us the menu telling us the meatloaf was today’s special with homemade pie for dessert. Taking her advice, we asked for a beer as we waited.

The meatloaf was the best either of us had tasted, the apple pie as well, feeling too full we now knew why George was over weight as the portions were huge.

Walking back to the hotel, we got our bags from the trunk headed inside for an early night. There was a different man at the desk who gave us our keys asking if we needed anything before he went off duty. No one operated the desk after nine he informed us.

Guess if the place burned down you were on your own I quipped to Bill. Saying goodnight I headed for a bath to get all the dust and greenery off me. Setting the alarm for seven I was out in know time until the ringing of my alarm.

Gary was in the office alone, drinking coffee when we arrived from the café after consuming eggs bacon and hash browns. George had told him of us finding some evidence yesterday and wanted to hear what we thought of it. Small towns are inclined to gossip so we did not elaborate on our findings telling him it was a wait and see. A look of rejection showed on this young man’s face. I felt guilty not letting him in on our find telling him he would be the first when we knew, a smile crossed his face as Mrs. Bolton arrived with a basket fill with scones and cookies.   

Bill and I decided to question some of the town people who lived close to the area where the bodies had been found. We got a list of names and addresses from Gary headed out into the sunshine, it was going to be a very hot day as the temperature was already at 70 degrees and only nine o’clock. Gary offered to drive us and when we said it was fine we would wander on our own, again a look of rejection.

The first four houses we visited had not heard or seen anyone in the area, two had small babies that had colds so they were busy with them. One woman thought she heard a cry for help but though it was from the television. Her husband had been working that night. The fourth no one was home except a teenage girl that was afraid to open the door to us speaking with the chain on the door. Saying her family was in Extern shopping they had not heard or seen anyone around, that did not live in the area. Her parents would be home at six, if we wanted to talk to them.

The fifth house lay back in a clearing surrounded with trees and a man was gardening out front hoeing rows of what looked like vegetables. He stopped as we drove up walking towards our car introducing himself as Jack. His wife worked the day shift him the night shift at the local bar. He said he now went to pick up his wife before he started his shift telling her not to answer the door when he was not home. He could not add anything to our investigation, thanking him and left.

One house sat alone near the end of the road, looking rundown a man answered as we knocked, he looked as unkempt as the house and yard with garbage and tools lying on the porch. Before we said a word, he told us he was a busy man and did not want anything we had to sell. Bill showed his badge, saying we just had a few questions. He had nothing to say to us and closed the door yelling not to bother him again. We would have to follow up with the sheriff on this one. Guilt all over his face.

Both of us were sweating, our clothes-soaking wet so decided to head back to town for a cold shower and change of cloths before talking to any more locals and checking in with the sheriff. Dark rim small face was on duty when we arrived, getting our keys, he asked if we had found any clues yet. I noticed his shirt was different no mustard to be seen but blotches of catsup instead, he was one sloppy eater. Harry had a badge on his shirt today with supervisor written with a black marker on it.

Bill and I planned to shower and meet at the sheriff’s office in an hour. Someone had been in my room, as I always put a strand of my red hair on the door, it was on the floor. Just a habit of mine I picked up from my early days of undercover work. Slowly I went over the room found my suitcase had been gone through as well as my lingerie in the drawer. One pair of my panties missing someone weird had been visiting. I looked to see if any camera had been installed, nothing.

Showered and changed I headed out to meet Bill, he was sitting having a coffee and scone talking to George and Mrs. Bolton she offered me a scone, declining I poured myself a coffee. I would wait for dinner at the café or I would need to go on a diet before I left this place, with the large portions that they served.

The phone rang and you could hear a frantic voice, his daughter had not come home last night, he thought she was staying over at a friend’s house until the friend phoned today asking for her. We all headed out the door, Gary standing waiting for directions, I said I would ride with him, his face showed appreciation.

The man lived not far out of the town and we arrived ten minutes after the call. His wife was nowhere to be seen George introduce us, telling us his wife was away helping her sister out.

Mr Bailey was trying to hold his emotions in but broke down, explaining about his daughter, who he had not seen since her babysitting job that ended at 6 pm the day before. Sally was a sixteen year old a good girl who did not have a boyfriend and was more interested in her music.

We all headed for the steam that went passed his property, Mr Bailey insisted on coming with us. We must have walk for about a mile when we came across the body laying half in and half out of the water. Her neck had a bright scarf wrapped tightly around it. Her naked body sprawled, crawling insects already aggressive. Mr. Bailey went to go to her as George held him back whispering we need to get the forensic people here to catch this animal.

Bill and I carefully walk around looking for any clue spotting a cigarette butt on the ground the bastard had stood here just hours ago. George made a few calls as we waited for the doctor to arrive, I asked Gary to drive Mr. Bailey home and call his wife to come home. He nodded and took Mr. Bailey gentle towards his home.

After the crew had arrived and we combed the area, we headed back to the station. George pulled out a bottle of scotch from his drawer pouring us all a stiff drink I told Bill and George someone had been in my hotel room. I thought George was going to choke as his drink came spurting out of his mouth, asking how I knew that.

George looked at us both saying then it was someone from his town, the tears welled up in his eyes. We sat in silence wondering what are next steps would be. Four women dead and we were no closer to finding this killer. Bill put a call into our station and wanted the results from forensic by morning. Neither of us was hungry so headed back to the hotel.

Harry was standing talking to his co-worker stopped when we came in the door. He had a smudge of dirt on his pant leg when he saw me looking he said he had to be on his way. Getting our keys Bill followed me up to my room, checking to make sure everything was in order. Suggesting we shower, change, and go for a light dinner before the café closed for the night.

As we approached the café, a car sat outside,  as passed we both noticed the dirty tires, Bill and I both moved closer as he bent  down pretending to tie his shoe and scraped some of the grit into a baggie. Whoever owned this car had been near the steam, could be a fisherman.

Harry sat at the counter talking to the young waitress drinking a coffee, nodding as we slipped into a booth. She looked relieved to have more customers to deal with. Bringing over the menu telling us roast chicken mashed potatoes and salad was today’s special. Bills appetite returned I opted for the salad.

Harry left as we watched him get into the car outside, asked the girl whose name was Jen on her name tag how well she knew Harry. She had gone to school with him until he quit a few years back, she said he was always trying to hit on her but she had a boy friend and was not interested but he kept trying. The bell sounded as she went to bring our food.

Walking back, we spotted Harry in his car parked down the street from the café, no lights on, his silhouette in the driver’s side. Turning the corner out of sight, we waited, about twenty minutes Jen came walking past his car he was asking if she wanted a ride, we could see her shaking her head and carry on towards us. Harry started his car and came towards us, seeing us he just kept going past. We had tipped our hand as he now knew we were there watching him.

We walked Jen to her house and suggested she have someone meet her after work to walk her home. She was unaware that we had seen Harry ask her for a lift. Bill told her she should not get into any ones car even if she knew them until the killer was found.

The next week there was no more bodies found which we were thankful for and the samples came back, no saliva showed on the cigarettes, too much dirt, they did have a small DNA sample on both. The button did have a speck of blood of one of the girls on it. Now we had to place the killer at the scene, as the areas were frequented by most of the population from fisherman, to picnickers to people just out for a walk to cool off.

Walking back we dropped into the station Gary sat alone head down writing. He smiled as we came in happy to have someone to talk to. Offering us coffee declining we sat. The first question out of my mouth how well did he know Harry from the hotel? Bill sat letting me ask the questions. Had he ever been in any trouble, did he have family living in the area?

Gary sat a bit in shock, then gave us a complete background, he was a troubled teenager, his father kicked him out when he quit school, his mother left them both when Harry was six years old. His Dad died a year ago, Harry lived in the old house off Drayton road, he had let the yard get overgrown, and the house was slowly deteriorating over the last year. He thought there had been a bit of money, a car as there was no other kin. Did we think Harry was the killer? Just keep an eye on him until we get a DNA sample to-morrow.

Bill checked my room again for any disturbance I told him was unnecessary as my hair was still in place at my door, saying goodnight we would meet for breakfast tomorrow.

After my bath, I felt restless putting on a pair of shorts and top I thought I would go over my notes, remembering leaving them in my car I headed down stairs, The lobby was empty and dark. The door was locked slipping the bolt I stepped out on the veranda the night was sultry with no breeze. I opened the car door leaning over to pick up my notes I heard a noise turning was the last thing I remember.

I could hear the stream roaring past as I came awake, he had brought me to the deepest part of the stream, I saw the outline of my car up on the layaway the headlights going out. Harry coming down towards me the moon high in the sky shone on the fast flowing water I could make out he had a bright scarf in his hand. I rolled into the cool water letting the moving water take me down stream. Floating, it brought back memories as children we would float for hours starting at the top to the bottom seeing who could stay the longest in the cold water. I was the winner every time out of pure stubbornness.

The water was starting to chill my body I was not a kid anymore, so should try to get out soon. I could hear Harry thrashing through the trees, a flashlight scanning near me, when it came close I went under. The other side of the stream had a high sheer bank the incline was far to steep so I had to get ahead of Harry before I emerged from the water. Still hearing him over the gushing water he seemed to be farther behind, now was my chance, pulling myself towards the edge I crawled out onto the ground, something moved under me, just a mouse or rat I thought. Bending low against the ground I moved towards the trees, A branch broke he was close, I had nothing to protect myself, looking for a fallen bough or rock my hand came on a boulder.

I waited shivering, he emerged shining his flashlight into the water, he thought I was still in the stream. I came cautiously up behind him, he turned saw me and  tried to hit me with his light, I got him right in his face sending his glasses to the ground, he yelped going down, giving him one more hard hit to the head he was out.

He had the scarf hanging out of his jacket pocket I tied his hands tightly wishing I could put it around his neck. I gave him one kick to the groin and headed towards a house nearby with the lights on. Then phoned my location to Bill and went back to wait to make sure Harry was not going anywhere. As I approached he was trying to stand up, groggy as he swayed I swept his feet from under him down he went. That is when he told me if I had not come down to my car he had been waiting outside the hotel until my lights went out and he was going to come up and strangle me in bed. He cried that I had ruined everything for him. 

The piece of cloth found matched a coat of Harry’ s in his closet with the button missing, he would never see the outside again and would spend many years on death row before getting the injection.

Maybe I would revisit my old town, maybe not.

Monday 16 March 2015

I awoke to whispering:

Someone was in my house, downstairs the sounds came from my living room.

I slowly rolled off my bed, wondering why my Airedale had not barked, he usually slept on the landing by the front door. He did not tolerate strangers usually had a fit of barking if anyone came even close to the house.

Creeping to the bedroom door, I opened it a crack, there laying at the door sound asleep was my watchdog. Whoever was in my house had given Buster something to put him out. I listened and could make out two different voices that sounded very young and male. They where going through drawers not being that quiet as they went. I could see shadows as they moved around the room with a big plastic bag half-full.

Going over to the table, I went to dial the police no dial tone, maybe they were young but not stupid. My cell was charging so I dialed 911 told the operator my address, giving them a brief explanation of what was going on. She said a car was on its way.

Locking my bedroom door I quickly put on some clothes, , I would let the police deal with these two. Then I heard footsteps climbing the stairway, my bedroom was the last door on the landing as they opened up the other two rooms I could hear the sirens in the distance. More whispering, as they ran downstairs. As the police car stopped, the two where caught in the headlights I opened the door in time to see the two handcuffed and put into the backseat.

My bag of stuff brought back inside. Buster started to move looking up with a guilty look as much as to say what happened. I guess I better feed him more.

The boys where charged with break and entering and remanded to juvenile detention and would come before a judge in a week.

Two phone calls came the next day from both the boys fathers who where well known in our community and very well off. The rude one I hung up on as he started by telling me his son was a good boy who he was and what harassment he could cause me, if I testified against his son. The second one was a smooth operator asking me if I would meet him for lunch at his office. I declined. 

As I sat in court two suits arrived with two lawyers each, they had tried many times over the week to intimidate me with phone calls. The police had told me the two boys had been in trouble many times and the fathers always got the charges dropped.

The police had asked me to come and tell the judge what had gone on and about them giving my dog something to put him to sleep. Buster had to have his stomach pumped by the vet.

A women judge sentenced them both to six months in juvenile detention after I had told her what had gone on that night. As I was leaving, the two fathers passed one bumping me whispering I had not heard the last of him. The other one just glared as he and his wife hurried out the door.

Two nights later I had just gone to bed, Buster lay beside me in his bed I had moved him up beside me, his growl started low then his loud bark reverberated through the room. Then a loud bang the sound of glass breaking he was up and out the door before I had time to get out of bed. My front room window shattered with huge rocks lying on the carpet.

Looking out nobody was in the street a light went on across the way and a man peered out his window from behind his drapes. I could hear a siren close someone had phoned for them I assumed. As the police pulled up the lights in the neighborhood started to come on.

They asked if I had any enemies, telling them only two giving them the father’s names and relaying what had happened in court. One of the older cops shook his head saying I sure knew how to pick my enemies.

 A week passed, I was called into my boss’s office he looked very unhappy. He asked me what was going on as he just got off the phone from a client that spent mega bucks on advertising with us and he said if I was not fired he would pull all advertising with us  now and in the future. He had to let me go, as the company could not afford to lose this client. Mr. Mega bucks was not going to let up. I had worked for this company for five years that did not seem to mean anything. I stormed out of the office saying I would see him in court for wrongful dismissal. 

The sun was just setting as I walked home from work, as I turned my corner I could see a crowd beside my yard, my door had been spray painted with graffiti, calling me a liar and prostitute. One of my neighbors came towards me telling me she had already called the police when she saw two young men leaving my yard, unfortunately she could not see their license plate number. However she, thought the color was blue or black, apologizing her eyesight was not that good.

Another report filled out, the police could not question the fathers they had no evidence that they were responsible. Both having high priced lawyers they had to tread lightly, they looked for fingerprints on the door and porch. I told them that would be waste of time, as they would not do it themselves. The young cop told me they would send a car passed regularly and to call them if needed.

Buster greeted me jumping up then out the door for a piddle, sniffing around as he went down the stairs. I was afraid to leave him outside alone in case they poisoned him again. Putting him on his lead I walked to the paint store, tomorrow I would have to spend my day painting my door.

That night the phone kept ringing until I pulled the jack from the wall, then my cell phone started, I had an unlisted number on both phones but I guess people with influence could get them. I called the police to see if they could trace my calls, they told me they would get back to me.

I was up early put on old clothes and started to stir the paint on my porch when a dark car drove by slowly two male bodies inside, a hand came out the window pointing fingers like a gun when I went down my stairs to get a look at their license plate they sped up rounding the corner quickly. My neighbor came over handing me a piece of paper with numbers written on it. She had gotten the last digits and I had seen the first three numbers, I had them! I called the numbers into the station, explaining what just happened.

That night I sat on my porch in the shadows of my trees with Buster at my side told him to sit. He occasionally heeded me. There was a chill in the breeze, I had prepared with a large warm sweater and a blanket around my knees. It was not long before the same car rounded the corner, with no headlights on. Buster moved but I told him to sit or he would be put inside, looking up his head went down he was going to sulk.

The car pulled over to the curb, the door if you were not listening you would miss it being shut. Footsteps came towards my gate, Buster growled I put my hand over his mouth he stayed quiet.  They both reached the bottom step as I took off the safety on my gun they both reacted, as they knew what the sound was, I told them to get down on their knees and let Buster growl. They both look terrified as I told Buster to guard, he knew exactly what that meant from his dog training.

I told them it could be easy or hard whichever they chose, I wanted to know the names of who has sent them if they did not tell me then they would be missing a private part that they would need in their future. Telling them the police had their plate number, it took all of two minutes before I had the names of the fathers of the boys. I had 911 on speed dial, it only took the police a short time to get there, they had their confessions and where arrested and taken away to the station.

Both the fathers were picked up had their lawyers and denied even knowing the two. They had recorded the conversations with the father’s to make sure they would be paid the lawyers were over heard saying how stupid can you two be.

The judge threw the book at both of them with a huge fine and community service for the next year, the embarrassment of that would affect them more than the fine.  

My old boss phoned to offer me my job back, my lawyer thought I would get a settlement of twenty thousand dollars, as I was one of the top sales people. All I said was I would see him in court unless he wanted to save court cost and settle.
Buster got a big bone