Sunday 31 March 2013

Twice Dead?

Real or Dream?

Was I asking for trouble? I bought an old house that needed renovations in every room.

Wanting to do many of the jobs myself, then having local workers in the area to do the reconstructions of what I could not handle. This was a small town and the gossip at the cafe was the house was haunted. I was not one to believe in their lore and just laughed and smiled as the storytellers enjoyed their tales.

When I heard about the previous owner Mr. Greyer, he sounded like a typical ruthless, ornery old man with an angry disposition on life, treating his relatives with disdain when asked for money they had worked for in his employ. He was the richest man in the area and many relatives wanted him to die and leave them in his will. That didn’t happen. It all went to a charity far away in another country.

The story went that all the relatives got together and each taking a knife to his body, stabbed him twenty times. His housekeeper found him in his bed one morning. They all had alibis for each other so no one was ever charged.

My large new bedroom had a high ceiling, heavy drapes covered tall narrow windows, and the bed was at least one hundred years old. It had been old Mr. Greyer’s, so I bought a new mattress.

Drifting off after a grueling day, I thought I was all alone until the heavy breathing started within the walls. As it grew louder and louder it got closer to where I was laying, now with the covers over my head with only a slit to peek out I scanned the room. I could see no one.

Then a tapping began, it sounded like Morse code, I was not even sure what that sounded like, but the tapping kept up, growing with urgency, it seemed like someone was trying to communicate with me. Were the stories true? Was the house haunted? Now I started to wonder. Was this why the workers would only stay a few days, then leave with an excuse, some saying they heard voices when they had torn down the walls in my bedroom to expand it.

The women I had hired to cook and clean, came running in, telling me someone had stolen all the knifes from the kitchen and left the kitchen door open with a trail of blood leading out to the garden. She was afraid to go look outside. The tapping had stopped. I went down stairs with her, heading out to the garden with trepidation.

Old Mr. Greyer was lying in my flowerbed. Twenty kitchen knives protruding out of his body.

The police came, no fingerprints on any of the knives. The blood was from an animal.

 Was someone making portentous statement? 

Mr. Greyer or the relatives?

Friday 29 March 2013

Another Trip

I went traveling last night. It did not take long to see friends.

Friends waved as I went past in a hurry to meet up with a man who I had long conversations with on many nights. He had been very vague about himself, but seemed to know all about me, never giving away much about his own history. This person intrigued me and  I wanted to find out more.

He was sitting beside what looked like some sort of black streamline space ship, he beckoned me to come sit. He said he had waited for many nights for me to arrive and thought I was going to miss going on a mission with him to places most would never dream existed. In a moment, we were sitting side by side, traveling through space.

A strange body with a glow about it appeared speaking in a language that I could not understand and my friend told me, I had to buckle up. Two people hovered in the background, they were dressed weird with skintight clothing showing how thin they really were. Using sign language to communicate rather than speak. An uneasy feeling washed over me.

We arrived at our destination and a crowd of small dwarf like people surrounded the ship. Jabbering amongst themselves dressed all the same, in bright colors matching the others from the ship. They all stared at me. We were taken to a facility underground with many doors and most had panels, using swipe cards to enter most had lettering in different codes I assumed they had meaning to those who understood. My friend said I looked anxious, and not to worry, all they wanted was to take some slides of me and some blood sample as they did many experiments here on us humans.

What had I gotten myself into? Would I ever get home to earth? Was my friend really a friend or had he been told to bring me here, could I trust this man? He took me into a sterile room handing me a gown, telling me once I changed to lie on a thin slab that was in the middle of the room. Then a sliver like object was injected into my arm and I was no longer conscious.

I woke to a humming in my head, we were back on the ship-moving fast in space. My so-called friend had disappeared.
Had aliens abducted me?

Wakening , I was sure that the red mark on my  body was shaped  like a triangles.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Dream Deja vu

Do you ever have the same dream repetitively?

Since I was a small child, I have always dreamed most nights.

Until I am in this dream, I cannot remember it until my tongue starts to swell, filling my mouth. It stops me from crying out for help. When I was very young, I would try to stay awake so I would not fall asleep and have this dream repeatedly.

It comes less often now and its one dream I cannot remember what else happens. Until a few months back, I finally did. I was in a field with yellow buttercups and I was picking them to take home.

A woman with unruly long black hair, knurled fingers with a flowing red dress, red lipstick to match with pink shoes peeking out appeared. She came so close I could smell her terrible perfume, opening her mouth to speak her teeth were crooked and she had one front tooth missing. She started to rant at me, telling me not to pick the flowers, as they would die and so would I.

I dropped the flowers and started to run down the hill, she came after me yelling that I was on her list and she would come visit me at night, as she knew where I lived.

She ran faster than I could and was catching up until she stumbled over her long dress and started to spin down the hill faster than I could run. She passed me, stopping ahead, and blocked my path.

I tried to scream but my tongue got in the way. 

Saturday 23 March 2013


I felt so cold.

The wind was howling, the branches assaulting each other as the storm worsened.  A large cracking sound, a tree must have fallen. The earth shook I could feel the vibration. Hearing lightning crackling,then the thunder boomed so very close. I could smell the wet earth, could I feel any colder.

The sound of voices faintly in the distance, someone was praying another sobbing. Footsteps above me, everyone was leaving was the world ending? 

Well it was for me, now realizing I was in a coffin underground, were those people praying and sobbing for me.

Would I ever be warm again?


I was lost and did not know where I was.

Wandering for hours. Nothing looked familiar.

Everyone that walked by stared and looked angry, no one smiled. I was in a big city, the traffic whizzed by. It was hard to cross a street with no police officers around, no traffic lights to control these crazy people. I tried to stop a women and she brushed me aside with her hand and continued on her way, not a friendly place to visit.

The voices I heard were not English and I could not make out what language was being spoken. There were no children anywhere on the streets, school would be out. Why no children? As I kept walking, hoping to see something that I recognized, but nothing came into view.

Was I not on the earth that I knew? Where was this place? I came to a large structure and watched as men in black suits were entering and coming out. They all carried black briefcases, their faces like somber masks, no expressions at all.

Should I try to ask them what this place was? As I approached one, he looked sternly at me and asked in his broken English what I was doing out here. How did he know that I did not understand his language? Before I had a chance to ask he took my arm and pushed me inside a large room with people sitting all around, even on the floor. He told me to wait and someone would come soon.

Now I was becoming scared and asked a women beside me where we were? She told me she had woken up here a few days ago and all they had given her was attitude and nothing to eat, only water. Then I noticed it was mostly women here and they all had a vacant look to them. Their eyes looked glazed, they definitely had been drugged.

I had to get out of this place and fast. Moving slowly towards the door I started to open it, a burly man grabbed me and slammed me against the wall.

That woke me.

Why would I dream this?

Did I want to travel to places unknown?

Do I enjoy things that are different?

Do I worry about children?

Do I think black suits are scary or important?


Do I need to analyze my dreams now?