Saturday 23 March 2013


I was lost and did not know where I was.

Wandering for hours. Nothing looked familiar.

Everyone that walked by stared and looked angry, no one smiled. I was in a big city, the traffic whizzed by. It was hard to cross a street with no police officers around, no traffic lights to control these crazy people. I tried to stop a women and she brushed me aside with her hand and continued on her way, not a friendly place to visit.

The voices I heard were not English and I could not make out what language was being spoken. There were no children anywhere on the streets, school would be out. Why no children? As I kept walking, hoping to see something that I recognized, but nothing came into view.

Was I not on the earth that I knew? Where was this place? I came to a large structure and watched as men in black suits were entering and coming out. They all carried black briefcases, their faces like somber masks, no expressions at all.

Should I try to ask them what this place was? As I approached one, he looked sternly at me and asked in his broken English what I was doing out here. How did he know that I did not understand his language? Before I had a chance to ask he took my arm and pushed me inside a large room with people sitting all around, even on the floor. He told me to wait and someone would come soon.

Now I was becoming scared and asked a women beside me where we were? She told me she had woken up here a few days ago and all they had given her was attitude and nothing to eat, only water. Then I noticed it was mostly women here and they all had a vacant look to them. Their eyes looked glazed, they definitely had been drugged.

I had to get out of this place and fast. Moving slowly towards the door I started to open it, a burly man grabbed me and slammed me against the wall.

That woke me.

Why would I dream this?

Did I want to travel to places unknown?

Do I enjoy things that are different?

Do I worry about children?

Do I think black suits are scary or important?


Do I need to analyze my dreams now? 

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