Friday 16 November 2012

Dreaming in outer darkness.

I wake up tired, wondering what I have done through the night.

Sleeping is supposed to be restful. Peaceful. Ready to take on a new day. My subconscious mind was working overtime. Wonder if my brain ever shuts down.

When I close my eyes I hesitate to drift off. Where will my next dream take me?
Floating through space and enjoying this time to my self and being alone, until I come across others doing the same thing. Going to places I have never seen or knew existed.

One dark man I met wanted to take me on his travels and told me once I was there I would never want to leave. I could hear a constant ringing in my ears blocking out his voice willing me to follow. I tried to listen. His voice fading as he thought I was behind him.

 I awoke with a start the dam phone was ringing.

Was that the sound of me howling in darkness?

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Dream on

I dream dead people.

Conversations with them. Some in heaven some in hell. Is heaven heaven? Is hell hell?
They float as we converse. I love it when we discuss what they see and hear about people I know past and present.The dreams become more frequent. I have always known about events that have yet to happen, good or bad. Who is telling me these things? I keep the scary ones to myself, but give a subtle hint to those close. Mix it into a conversation I'm having with them.

My friend who passed twenty years ago tells me stories that I was not aware of happening. I have given her tales about things that have happened since she departed. I don't want to wake up from these dreams. Some are like nightmares. I try to forget but they are the recurring ones. Sometimes when I wake I walk the dark halls trying to analyze what they mean. Will I ever find out or have to wait till I float with my friends.

  When I leave this sphere, will it be exciting or frightening? I have to go though, don't I? Not because of Life's Death, but because I have to go. To explore new passages toward the light. Do I take my heaven and hell with me? Is that my soul?

 Or leave it behind?

Monday 12 November 2012

Watch out now ...

Watch out now, take care, beware of thoughts that linger, 
Winding up inside your head ... George Harrison

 People want to manipulate your thoughts. It's part of a lifelong game in the constant struggle for survival. Emotional survival. A struggle within your individual society. And when you won't play the game they make you feel you have let them down. It is psychological push. And there are winners and losers. Prey and victims.

But no one eats you, they just feed off you as long as they can. They suck freedom out of your mind. Surreptitiously. Steadily using words. You can see it happening by the pause if you ask a question. The answer must benefit them. And their plans. Until you are crammed into a tight box, afraid of rejection or loneliness or the fear of losing.

 And in your mind you replay those conversations until you have no space for your own thoughts. Until you are no longer sure of what your own thoughts are. This is a conundrum. And the hardest struggle of all is there, deep into your own head.
Don't be prey. Don't be victim. Resolve to win and set your own directions.

 Clear your mind and head for the stars, the cosmos is not in space its in your head. The manipulators are all earth bound, they cannot follow you if you try. Never be afraid to say what you think about anyone, if their feelings get hurt so what, if they cannot accept you then hell will be their own process. Find your own incredible lightness of being.

Beware of darkness.