Saturday 9 March 2013


I had visitors last night.

I had a long hot bath felt sleepy and tucked in under my quilt for the night. I had left the window partly open, with a cold breeze washing over my hot face from my bath. My pillows were propped up as I snuggled into them. Sleep found me quickly.

An old friend had come to visit, he perched himself at the side of my bed. We talked about all the fun times that we had many years before. Did I mention that he had passed many years ago and visits me regularly?

He mentioned another friend wanted to visit, when this man suddenly appeared at the foot of my bed wearing a huge smirk and stark naked. Laughing I told him he could have at least gotten dressed before he arrived. He chuckled moving up under the covers, asking me about the coldness in my bedroom.

Did I tell you he had been found guilty for murdering his wife many years before, and I was the only person to stand beside him as he went to trial? I knew he was guilty, but there where many circumstances on why he did it.

He ended up in a gas chamber for the crime and I was there to see his downfall from grace. He was naked then as he was now. He was now beside me under the covers as we reminisced about our lives then and now. He seemed much happier than he had been when he was alive.
I asked him why it took him so long to come visit me, he giggled like a teenager saying he had had a long journey from the place he had been. Laughing saying it was much warmer there. Where had my other friend gone?

Outside was getting colder the snow had started, it was coming onto the sill of the window. I got up to close the window and to snuggle back under the covers,

I found I was all alone.

My dream had ended.

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