Tuesday 19 March 2013

Love Lust, Sex

I dream often about love and sex, does that make me any different from any other women. I think not, maybe most just never share. Sexual encounters in dreams always end in a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction for me.  Would I want it any other way?

I am lying daydreaming with my rose color glasses on and hear a noise outside my door. I lay back in anticipation. The doorknob turns slowly and the door opens just enough for me to see the shadow of a man starting to enter my room.

I slowly slide beneath the eiderdown, suppressing a giggle with much anticipation, I already know who this wonderful man is as he enters the darkened room. He slowly undresses, folding his cloths. He sits on the bedside, removing his socks, his body looking slender and well proportioned as he slips under the covers, adding his warmth to mine.

We are both ready for an afternoon of pleasure, he wears a smile that would melt any women’s heart. He moves closer and we begin our afternoon as lovers do.

Kisses caresses, sweet and loving conversation and pure, uninhibited sex.

The only thing that differs from years ago is there is no lighting a cigarette after our lovemaking.  

I have shared my dream. Tread softly.


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