Thursday 26 December 2013

Journey in time

It was time to go visit my friends before the New Year, I kept putting off my journey as the last few time, I traveled to the unknown I had mixed emotions when I arrived. I had had horrific vibrations from so many of the evil spirit like images. They did not like me traveling into their realm of flight, mortals were not welcome this high up.

As I lay in my bed and willed myself into a trance like state, I could feel the pull of energy building inside me. This would be the time for me to go and explore the universe and meet up with my welcoming spirits. They almost never left me on this earth for long, but quietly and surreptitiousness tried to keep me from harms way.

Fitfully I drifted off into a light slumber, then my travel begun. The snow was everywhere the clouds where covered in a white foggy mist. I went to the first stage level only to find an old man sitting alone, he looked up and quietly spoke to me. I should return to my earth, as the wicked spirits have been around all night and frightening all the good spirits away.

Sitting down beside him he started to tell me of his wife who had passed away many years ago and this was the anniversary of her departing. He came here to feel close to her and they would converse through the night until she had to get back to her cloud seven. He explained cloud seven was the highest any human being could ever reach and she told him it was like a paradise with many kind people, mostly children playing in green grass with a multitude of flowers, blooming continually. She had saved him a place when it was his time to join her.

She had not arrived tonight and he was getting worried she had forgotten. I told him I was sure she would arrive and that I would check on him when I had finished my flight. The snow continued to swirl as I headed to reach the next level. More spirits were floating among the snowflakes laughing and enjoying catching the flakes between their wings. They waved as I passed on and reached an orb that had lights glistening and sparkles that shone brightly urging me to travel higher. The higher I got I could feel a difference in the atmosphere around me.

That is when I saw the malevolence dark spirits starting to surround me, it was as if they had a magnet attached to my soul and it was taking me higher without any effort on my part. They were glaring down with their eye sockets showing red like hot coals in the night. Where had all my friendly spirits gone? A waif like being floated past swirling around these evil devils, as it circled them  they all started to disappear, and I could see all my sweet angles encircle me, smiling through the snow flakes. We talked laughing with kisses thrown to each other for another year of hope and love.  They said it was time for me to go back before I could not get back with so much snow falling, with a storm brewing from above.

Passing through the clouds, I came across the man I had talked to waiting for his wife to join him.  She sat with her head on his shoulder, they talked quietly to each other, and this soul was what had scared the evil spirits away from me. Was this why she was late in coming? Had she known the evil spirits had been waiting for my arrival?  She looked up as I passed, I had never seen such an angelic face, her deep azure eyes had a twinkle as she smile, then her attention went back to her husband. I waved and threw them both a kiss as I descended through the snow and clouds.

She had not forgotten the love of her life.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Persistence of time

Some dreams keep returning. It may take a few months for these imaginings to resurface and creep into my subconscious life form. It usually comes after I have had someone on my mind and cannot shake a foreboding emotion of something currently amiss. Then while I doze off into a fitful slumber, I know that this feeling will emerge into my subliminal existence. I feel power surging through my body, as I know what will happen when I wake the next morning.

When I was younger it scared me, not anymore, I force my body and psyche to explore the cosmos while dreaming, as the visions usually become known in the next few days or weeks.
When I am in my mind space-like emotion, I dream of my dead friends and relatives of the past and what is more fascinating is I can see acquaintances that I have known years before in their last moments of life, lying in a casket talking to me as if I had seen them in the recent past. They have not grown older through the years. Some say they never arrived to their pinnacle of life, a few thought they had. It, is the young ones that bother me, never having had the opportunity in life to fulfill themselves, or find out why, they were placed on this globe. Maybe this was just a stopping off point before they travelled on in their journey, which had been laid out for them before they arrived. The young always have smiles on their faces.

I never question my dreams. I know that everyone of them has a philosophical meaning for me, I just have to consider what they are when I have my special time alone to do so. As I deliberate in my thinking process many feelings pass through my thought development and as I sort through them with a fine filter, I come to why and how I came to have these occurrences.

These people are looking to find their souls for redemption and want to pass to the next step into another universe with a clear and empty mind of all what they have not done or achieved while here on this earth. I seem to be the only one that they are able to reach when leaving this sphere.

Should I feel special that they have found me so receptive to their needs and wants?  Will I have someone who is there for me when my own demise is near?  If not I will awaken someone in their dreams to talk to and clear my mind to travel to the next phase of existence

I look forward to my next voyage, just not yet. Meanwhile I wish those others that occupy my thoughts safe passage.

Saturday 14 December 2013

Magical Night

As I approached my sixth birthday, the family seemed happier than usual. It was the night before Christmas, the tree was up with lights shinning brightly. We were waiting for the turkey to arrive so we could prepare for the next day. The plum pudding was steaming with the hard sauce simmering at the back of the stove. The fixings were ready for the stuffing, wonderful  smells permeated the kitchen.

My Dad had chopped wood for the furnace and the fireplace, we all sat and watched the fire, listening to the crackle of the dried wood. With Christmas carols on the radio.  As the youngest, I waited in anticipation for the noise of Santa’s sleigh to arrive on the roof.  We had put our gifts to each other under the tree, wondering what morning would bring. This night was perfect as we enjoyed the warmth of the fire, eating shortbread and sipping apple cider.

I fell asleep snuggled beside my Dad on the chesterfield.

We wondered why the man had not brought the turkey, thinking he was just so busy and running late as we opened our gifts on Christmas morning. My Dad always got a free turkey from work every year, so never really thought it would not arrive. My Mom was getting worried, as the turkey should be going into the oven soon. 
It never came.

My parents suggested we go out for dinner, my sisters and I all cried out no restaurant for us. So we all sat around our table as a family laughing, talking, just happy at being together despite the fact we ate salmon sandwiches for Christmas dinner.

One of my fondest memories of a Christmas.