Wednesday 3 April 2013

Wrongfully Accused

I looked across the room, only to see a man staring at me with lustful eyes.

As he started to get up from his chair a beautiful red-haired women put her arm around his neck and hugged him tightly. She smiled up at his large muscled body it was well tuned like a Lamborghini.

He turned and I could see he was watching me and not really paying her the attention that she looked like she wanted from this handsome man. His dark hair had a smattering of grey at the sides, making him look so distinguished and very sexy.

He said something to her and she looked my way with a hateful look in her eyes. He left her standing there and headed in my direction. Introducing himself and asked my name. An hour later, and a few drinks in a small alcove off the reception, area we were still talking, his life was very interesting as he was a pilot and flew to many exotic places.

I looked up to see the red head coming towards us, she started to yell. Mike pulled her away before she had a chance to hit me. She was livid her eyes filled with loathing. A crowd started to form in the lobby, Mike looking embarrassed tried calming her, she kept up the abusive language towards us both. As I left, Mike said he would call my room later.

The next morning as I was having my coffee and reading the paper in my room, I saw a headline that a woman was found dead outside a hotel, the name of the hotel never mentioned in the article, but the picture was clearly the red head from last night.

My phone rang it was the police wanting to come up to my room. Two detectives arrived, I offered them coffee, they declined and were all business. They told me the hotel had told them about the fiasco and altercation the girl and I had the night before.
I told them what had happened and they wanted to know who the man was. They looked skeptical when I did not know Mikes last name. Did I know what hotel he was staying at?

Now I was getting frightened, they thought I had something to do with this women’s death. Mike had not phoned me and I did not know where I could reach him. The smaller of the two detectives asked if he was a lover and I told him I had only met the man a few hours before I had left for my room. He asked if he had come to my room last night. I asked if I should get a lawyer and all I got back was, guilty people get lawyers.

After they questioned me for about an hour they left, I was not to leave the city, as they would have more questions once they found Mike. Mike had disappeared with no traces of where he went.

They never found Mike. He had set me up.

I go on trial for murder next week.

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