Monday 8 April 2013


I feel so free when traveling at night. It may be the serenity of darkness.

Wanting answers about the weird people from outer space from my floating friends, I knew they could be found in the nebulous clouds far into the universe. I would stay away from the man who had taken me into the space ship where they removed my blood. They were not getting anymore from me.


I floated from cloud to cloud between the stars for what seemed like hours. No one was around. Had they all been taken to places unknown? I stared into the distance. Nothing but darkness. It was eerie not to see the familiar faces that I had encountered numerous times on these night flights. Their waves and friendliness towards everyone they encountered while on their way in different directions they had found in the universe.

I rested on a cloud, thinking someone would come sit beside me and let me know where everyone had gone. 

No one came. 

All seemed to have vanished without a trace. Would I ever see them again? For the first time since I started my night travels I felt alone, no one to converse with or hear their stories. 
Deflated I headed for home, hoping next time they would be there to greet me on my space travels.

What did this mean?

Will there be a next time? 

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