Saturday 27 April 2013

Nervous Nightlight

I went on a flight last night.

This place looked different from my usual out of body experiences.

I found myself floating alone, nobody around to see or converse with. Very strange as there are always other floating souls to make it pleasurable. Something was very wrong with this dark ominous scene. When I usually floated around the clouds were soft, foamy and light. Not tonight, these clouds were black with a dismal darkness that descended upon my astral space. A paranormal mysterious sensation ran through my being, quickly leaving my body in turmoil.

I felt a cool breeze pass close to my ear. My eyes caught a physical being staring back at me, what I thought had piercing black eyes, a large dark flowing beard, with a sinister cloak swaying in a grey puff of air as it moved farther away from me. I was transfixed until it disappeared into the obscurity of the night sky, leaving my body feeling awakened and strangely aroused in the pit of my stomach.

That is when my spirit friends arrived and surrounded me, trying to guide me away. I wanted to stay and investigate the strangely enticing feeling that had come over me when this ethereal being came past me. They, gathering so close I had to move when they did, pushed me farther each time. 

I tried to float towards the vanishing figure-like illusion. My friendly spirit beings kept me encircled, telling me I did not want to enter into an exchange of any kind with an evil entity. It would suck me into its esoteric and arcane ways.

In the distance I could see and feel that magnetic sphere still trying to pull me away from my little spirit friends, and the attraction was getting stronger, the evil spirit drawing me closer until I could now see murky intense eyes drilling through my soul from the darkness of the rolling clouds. He wanted me.
A foreboding excitement washed over me.

I finally acquiesced to my good spirits and decided to go home. 
Thunder and lightning exploded, then a torrential rain began.

Would I be afraid to go back?

I think not.

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  1. WOW! You are creating such unique visions. I get lost in your words each time! Thank you for sharing what goes swirling around your mind with us!