Friday 24 May 2013

Return to the Dark Side

I had been having visions for the last few days when getting ready for bed. 
Something strong was pulling at my inner psyche, I felt it needed to be set free, from what, I did not know. I continued to fight nightly to go to sleep, when I did, it would not take me where I felt I needed to go. 

My phantasm continued, my friendly spirits floated before my eyes when I finally drifted off, but I was not able to reach out to them. They needed me, I could feel it in my physical being. Something was very wrong in my universe and I had to go there to help my friends. It just was not happening. My cosmos identity was malfunctioning, nightly I tried to float into outer space as I had done so many times before. I would dream someone was calling me and woke up soaking wet, with tears running down my face. 

I started to speculate if my last visit had anything to do with this, when the devil-like spirit disintegrated before my eyes. Was he still stopping me from floating in space? Can anyone ever get rid of bad spirits? I was not going to let them destroy the adventure of my night-flights with their appalling behavior. He was not dealing with a meek entity. I resolved to confront him and his evil spirits. 

After running six miles after dinner, I was exhausted, on my run I talked to my guide who is there when she feels I need her. She is my guardian angel who watches over me. That night getting ready for bed, I asked her to help me soar into the clouds to see what had transpired since I had been there. Falling asleep, I was buoyantly afloat in the clouds within minutes. 

What I saw and heard was alarming. The small minions of the devil surrounded my friends with fires burning high into the sky, making a circle to keep them from floating out. The minions were taunting and repeating a trance like song. I could only hear their words as I approached, they wanted me. The largest of the minions came towards me as my good spirits implored me to leave, they could take care of themselves. He looked much the same as the frail grey-netted-skin devil who I had challenged and won. 
Or so I thought.

He then appeared with those searing eyes, was this his reincarnated spirit? I could feel his heat radiating through my body into my core as he came towards me. His smirk turning up his lips to an empty obtrusive stare. 
He told me it was his turn to have the advantage and I would regret ever coming back here tonight. 
Pulling me through the circle with his long clawed fingers digging into my skin, into the room full of candles, he threw me down hard on a slab.
His mistake. As he came closer I surprised him, he was not the only black devil here. 

Throwing the largest candle into his face, he was astonished as the flames to burned down his frame. I quickly moved towards him plunging my stiletto into his frail body. The circle of lights immediately extinguished as I went past to find my little white angels. The minions had vanished, not a trace left of them. We could now take pleasure in the rest of the night, lying amongst our downy feathery clouds.  

Once again, laughing, togetherness, and out of harms way. 
For now.

Some devils win, some lose.

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