Wednesday 22 May 2013


I met a man at a party on Friday night. 
He had come from out of state to start work with my friend’s husband in a couple of weeks. I was reluctant to go to any parties in the last few years and had reluctantly begun to accept my single life. We talked through the evening finding we had many of the same interests. When he asked to drive me home, I told him I had my own car and as it was getting late, I should go. He asked if I was free for lunch tomorrow. I accepted and gave him my number.  

Having gone through a real dry spell with men, only a few dates, I wondered if I was just too pernickety and expected too much from a relationship. Hank looked too good to be authentic as he was so easy going, so polite and considerate, walking me out to my car, waiting till I drove off, throwing me a kiss. My heart was beating with excitement as I went over the whole night in my mind. Was he the one? 

When he phoned he wanted to know where I would like to eat, I suggested a beachfront restaurant where we could sit and enjoy the beautiful sunny day by the water and people-watch. Hank was so attentive, holding my hand across the table, laughing through lunch asking me if I believed in love at first sight. He certainly knew how to charm a woman. 

Later walking along the sand, finding a log to sit, he pulled me close to him and kissed me. My heart did a flip. Had I finally found the man of my dreams? His dark brown eyes and curly hair would turn any girl’s eyes. His phone kept vibrating, but he let it go to voice mail. I hated this day to end, but he was suppose to fly out very early the next morning to tie up old business and pack up his apartment. 

Driving me home he wanted to know if he could come spend the night as he had his suitcase in the trunk. I wanted him, but thought we needed to wait to get to know each other better. He told me he was falling in love with me and didn’t I have feelings for him too. My heart melted. I relented and we spend the night having unbelievable sex. He was the one I was now sure.

Sunday morning arrived, his phone woke me up, he was in the shower so I picked it up. A women’s voice yelled who are you? Why I had answered his phone, I will never know. I hung up saying nothing. Hank decided to stay over Sunday, he would get a flight out Monday morning. I was in paradise, never mentioning the call. We spent most of the day in bed and then I cooked for him, serving dessert in bed. His phone rang several times, he let it go to his service saying he would return them later. Was it the women who called earlier? Monday came far too soon and he left for the airport telling me he would call me soon as he got back. 

Two weeks passed. I never heard from him. Asked my friend about Hank, she said her husband had told her Hank had family problems and would stay to solve them. He had said he was not married so I assumed it was about his parents or siblings. 

Into the third week of him leaving, he suddenly arrived at my door late one night, looking disheveled, with a bandaged hand. Letting him in I could smell liquor on his breath. I asked what had happened? Slurring his words, he mumbled something about a murder and he was being sought in connection with it. My heart began to pound. He said he had not slept in two days. A woman had been found stabbed to death at his apartment. I asked who she was, his reply shocked me, it was his wife.

He explained he was sorry for not telling me he had a wife but had asked for a divorce many times and she would not give him one. They had been married young and he never loved her. They had got into an argument, she came at him with a knife, and he tried to take it away, slipped and the knife went into her heart. She died instantly. 

I told him he had to call the police and explain what had happened. He rambled on about loving me and we could just leave together and find a place to start our lives over. I suggested we both go to the police and tell them about the accident. He then started to scream, yelling that I was against him.
I felt shivers running up and down my spine and felt like throwing up. This man had changed from a loving person to a deranged one right in front of me. Trying to calm and cajoling him to believe I was on his side, I took him into my arms, holding and soothing him gently telling him I loved him and would help him. Quieting down, he finally fell into a fitful sleep. I silently covered him up. 

Waiting until I could hear his gentle snoring, I let myself out of my apartment, taking my cell phone with me. Should I report him or believe him and go away with him, I knew I loved him.
In court the truth came out. The investigation proved he was lying and that he had come to the apartment, had dinner with his wife, taken her to bed and killed her after sex. The jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to life. The authorities are also looking into the disappearances of two other wives.

Maybe being single is not too bad.

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