Sunday 19 May 2013

Park Bench

I was reading a new recipe book on a park bench, the sun warming my body when a man sat down beside me and started a conversation. His green eyes stood out from his sandy color hair. His nose looked like it had been broken a few times and curved to one side. 

I looked him over carefully as he went on about this park not being safe at night as there had been three rapes in the past couple of weeks just over by the pathway. I asked him, why he was telling me this? Was he trying to scare me or was he the rapist? He laughed in a taunting manner, pushed my vegetable bag aside, moved closer, showing great white teeth and said what if he was, what could I do about it? I felt a tiny chill run through me.

In the newspaper, the girls who had been raped, had remembered the rapist with large white teeth, green eyes and with a crooked nose. He continued talking, moving even closer, asking me about myself. Now I was beginning to be very nervous. Was he getting daring in the daytime? I was convinced this was the rapist. Or was he just playing with my emotions.

I went back to my book, furtively scanning the area to see how many people were around. A jogger had passed a few minutes before this individual had sat down, but other than him, no one seemed close by. Then I saw an elderly couple walking, holding hands, they had stopped to feed ducks beside the water. Getting up, I wandered over to them and began a conversation, hoping the man would get the hint and move on. He just sat there pretending casualness and even waved over to the couple as if we were together.

I did not want to involve them, but now felt very uncomfortable and quietly told them my situation and would they go and call 911 for me and get a police officer here as soon as possible. I thought this man was the park rapist. When I glanced back, he had disappeared, so I told them I would go home and report it myself. They asked if they could walk me home, but just living a block away, I said goodbye and that I was fine, telling them to enjoy their day. I headed off home.

I was opening my door when a dark figure appeared with blazing green eyes, staring down at me with a menacing look of hatred. Before I had a chance to react, he had me inside, slamming me to the floor. Swearing, as he dragged me to the sofa ripping at my shorts and top. Had I thought he was stupid not to know what I had been up to at the park? He stuffed my panties into my mouth, clutching my throat with one hand and tearing off my bra with the other. He produced rope from his pocket, tying my hands behind my back. He started to take his pants down. He had his knee in my stomach and I was frozen with fear, wanting to slash his face with a knife.

A loud bang on the door. The police yelling to open up. His face screwed up and he hit me hard saying I would pay for this. He ran out the back door. I covered up and got the front door open. The police rushed past me but he was long gone.
I could see the couple out on the street and waved them to come in. They had called 911. The police picked him up down the lane hiding in a garage.

He is now serving ten years for rape.

At trial, the guards were taking him from court, he passed, whispering that he had unfinished business with me. I told him the police saved him at the house, but he should be the one afraid because my new chef’s knife was not just for cutting meats and vegetables. By the time I was finished with him he would not have the equipment for raping women.

The guards were smirking as they dragged him away.

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