Sunday 12 May 2013

A Tenuous Devil

My dark side would not let me stay away. At night my feelings always turn to this dark shadow figure that I had met in the clouds. It was never far from my thoughts and dreams. 

I had to confront this devil-like spirit, or was he just an illusion of my midnight world? He was waiting for me as I floated up into the night. I hope my good spirits would not interrupt this visit. I had to face this evil mysterious figure or would never have the pleasures of floating through my universe unmolested and be the free spirit to enjoy my nights up here in the billowing clouds. His dark eyes showed up in the night light like black coal with a touch of red ember glowing from within.

He took my hand, guiding me upwards higher than I had ever ventured to go, my heart pounding. Here waiting was a circle of his minions, smaller versions of himself, staring hard as they parted the circle to let us pass through. I had never seen so many candles all sizes and shapes and small fires burning between rows of slab-like beds. 

Before he had a chance, I pulled at his robe only to see a diminutive form of this evil spirit appear. Small and frail with a grey pallor looking more like netting than skin swayed back and forth before me. His eyes reflected surprise as I threw him down on a slab and the ethereal figure disintegrated before my eyes. 

The candles and fires extinguished all on their own, until I was in total darkness. 

 It was still dark when I awoke.