Sunday 2 November 2014

I have my list ready.

Some people make a big deal about their bucket list. I guess they can call it whatever they want when they know they are dying. I prefer to keep it to myself and carry on as if I am going to live forever and never think of death.

I want to remember people in their normal state of life and not walking around me on tiptoes and eggshells. If I had, a few months to live I would plan to take every day as a bonus when I get out of bed and start my day.

Why burden your love ones, leave them a note after you have gone telling them you enjoyed every minute of your time together the last few  months. Remind them of the laughs you shared, the apple pie that they said was the best that they had tasted. Those quiet nights at home, snuggled beside the fireplace, planning the next trip that will never happen. The conversation on the phone with family and friends maybe not talking too long and telling them you will get back to them soon.

My wish is to have a great day with love ones then a nice warm bath getting into my warm pajamas and cuddle with the love of my life, then slipping into a deep sleep and dream of what the next faze of my existence will be.

No regrets just the fondest of memories of my past. Hoping all my love ones carry on with good thoughts of our time spent together and move on with their own time left.

Call it a bucket list if you choose, I call it my memory list of good times with the people I love and care for.