Friday 31 October 2014

A night to remember

I was bored for some excitement in my life. Phoning a friend  that I had know from grade school to ask if she would join me at a club we went to occasionally to see what men were available to dance and have a few drinks and good conversation then seeing what the evening would bring.

Dressing down as this place was not fancy but the music filled the air with some blues that you only could hear in Orleans. These musicians had all played there at some time in their careers and had finally come home to roost.

Parking, we could hear the music vibrating a block away as we sauntered down the street to the beat. The place was crowded as usual with mostly men a few women scattered throughout looking for some action just like us. You had to find your own seating in this dark and melodious dive. The interior painted black with splashes of bright colors on the stage where five older men sat playing and swaying with the beat. They must have all been in their seventies but one listening from outside would never have guessed. They knew how to play trumpets, saxophones and the piano player fingers glided across the keys as if he was in another universe.

Finding a seat in an alcove near the back, we settled, ordering wine from a waiter whose age matched the musicians.  We were happy that the men who sat around listening to the music were much younger. Jay was flirting with a fellow from across the room, a big man as usual she liked her men on the hefty side she said it made her feel smaller and thinner. Jay was carrying a bit of extra weight.

I got up to go the washroom, when I returned her friend was sitting with his arm draped around the back of her chair. His curved smile made his face look iniquitous the dark eyes piercing through me. I took a dislike to him instantly; he spoke with such arrogance I thought for sure Jay would ask him to leave. Pulling her up to dance the surprise showed on my face when she went happily onto the dance floor. His comment under his breath was alarming. He would be taking this broad home and she would never be the same again. I should just leave now.

Looking around I did not see a soul that interested me so any excitement for tonight was not going to happen. I waited for the return of the dancers  telling Jay I was ready to leave. He spoke for her saying they were going to dance some more and he would see Jay home. Again, she surprised me by agreeing with him. I was not her keeper but getting up I bent over whispered to her to watch out for this man. Telling me she would call me later, I left feeling ominous about this situation.

Still feeling portentous when arriving home, I called Jay’s cell three times with no answer. Trying to shake off the feeling I ran a bath filled it with my favorite oils and tried to relax. Dozing and half-dreaming the phone started ringing in the living room.  Quickly jumping out I retrieved it on the fourth ring. I could hardly hear her voice as she was sobbing and incoherent, she wanted me to come over. Arriving I was shocked when she opened the door her face swollen, one eye closed and many bruises were evident , her beautiful long blond hair covered in blood. Her robe fell open and all I could see was a gash with blood oozing down her stomach. I phoned for an ambulance.

The police were at the hospital when we arrived.  The doctor took Jay away for a rape kit and stitches. All she knew was his name was George.

The police asked me, but all I could do was give them a description of this monster.

Asking Jay about what happened she told them he had offered to drive her home from the club, he had taken her to a large parking lot locked the car doors, had a knife threatening her while he raped and beat her. She had escaped as he had gotten out of the car to relieve himself. She had run screaming towards a gas station and he had driven off. The gas attendant had called her a taxi. He wanted to phone the police but she said no.

They wanted to keep her overnight for observation as the wound was deep and still had blood coming from it. I told her I would pick her up the next morning.

I stopped at home picking up my glock, changing into my long blond wig and different cloths, headed back to the club, and sure enough, George was sitting drinking a beer, his face showing surprise as his smiled disappeared as he recognized me heading his way. Then his arrogance took over, I could see in his eyes he thought I was there for him, the first thing out of his mouth was, want to dance? He pulled me onto the dance floor holding me tightly, I could smell the beer from his breath. I whispered was my friend not enough for you, he laughed  saying could I handle him, holding my hair close to his nose, blond hair was obviously his turn on. The music stopped and the band started to pack it in for the night. 

Sitting down I told him, I had just left my friend at the hospital. Shock showed on his face as I slowly put my gun on his crotch and told him to finish his beer as we were leaving.  .

Outside I told him to walk towards the alley, he tried to make small talk saying things just got out of hand with my friend she wanted it ruff. He moved quickly for a large man and kicked at my knee missing. I was faster as I swept his legs from under him as he crashed beside a garbage bin banging his head blood spurting out, now he was the scared one. He started to crawl down the alley to get away from me. I let him get deeper into the dead end alleyway, as he tried to get up I stomped him with the heel of my boot into his groin hard. His curved smile was long gone.

Now he was pleading the same, as I am sure Jay had done a few hours ago. Fury took over as I pulled out my gun. He yelled that I could not shoot him, as it would be murder. No, was my reply self defense for you following me and trying to rape me..

Premeditated yes, but could or would  they prove it no.


  1. AJ
    you certainly have a way with words and guns.

  2. Well that's it for me and dating! Well done! You have such a talent for writing and creeping me out! ;)