Thursday 6 November 2014


I was in a deep sleep until the screams awoke me. Jumping out of bed, I ran towards the window where the sounds came from.

Looking out I could see across the way to a window that showed a man stabbing a women in the chest. She fell from his grasp as he wiped the blade on his shirt. His head looked toward the window as he came into full view he scanned the surrounding neighborhood to see if any lights where on. His silhouette showed a large man and I was sure he had a long beard. He turned off the light but I knew he was still looking out.

I had switched on the light when I had heard the scream and leaned back away from my window trembling, he seemed to watch my window for a time then I could see him move backwards, then his place went dark.

I reached for the phone, and then I heard the sirens in the distance. It only took a few minutes until the police were in front of his building. Someone had called

I watched from the safety of my dark room and could see a large figure leaving from the side door. He was getting away, I called 911 telling them what I had witnessed and that the killer was escaping via the side of the building. Then the questions started and I yelled get him first. Then I saw him heading towards my building entering the front door. I could hear the elevator rise then footstep walking towards my suite. He knew that I had seen him. Was I going to be his second victim of the night?

I had turned off my light and stood quietly waiting, the footsteps stopped in front of my door. The knob turned slowly as he jiggled the handle, I could hear him breathing on the other side, hoping he could not hear my held breath.
I crept towards the window, seeing three police cars and many people standing around, could I yell loud enough for them to hear before he broke down my door? Then I heard his footsteps descending the stairs, he was leaving. Dialing the police again, I got a woman and explained what had gone on and I was not sure if he was still in my building.
Telling me to stay calm and keep my door locked help would be at my door in minutes. 

Standing by my door listening I heard the elevator and voices of men talking. A knock then a man identifying himself as the police showing his badge peered back through the peephole.
They had not found the man but assured me they would. Asking for his description I told them, what I could and what I had seen. The women died before they arrived so it was a murder investigation. Could I come down to the station to see if an artist could get a sketch from my description. Leaving them in the living room, I went to put on some cloths. Two hours later I arrived back to find my apartment had been ransacked. Luckily, a police officer had driven me back and escorted me to my place. Telling me not to touch anything he called for backup and the crime lab to come get any fingerprints.

I notice right away the picture on the table had been taken out of the frame, it was the latest of my parents and myself. Was this killer going to look for my family to kill? Was this his warning if I identify him they would be in danger?

My apartment swarmed with police, questions came from all sides. I told them unless they got protection over to my parents place right away I was not saying another word. Getting their address a car was sent directly to them and I was not to worry they would have protection until this man was caught. The older man who I assumed was the boss came and sat down on the couch and said the bloke was probably miles away and not to worry he would be caught.
His picture appeared on the early news the next morning one of his neighbors came forward with his name and where he lived and worked but he had disappeared. Several week passed and my life got back to normal only a police car went by my place a couple of times a night and my parents had gone on a cruise they wanted me to join them but I couldn’t take the time off work.

Driving home late from my karate class, I was sure I was being followed the headlights bore down then backed off this happened a few times on the way home. Taking my phone from my purse, I tried to get the license number but the car never stayed close enough to read it. Then it turned off a block from my apartment, thinking I was still a bit paranoid I drove through the gate. No one had followed me in.

Getting my shopping from the trunk, I headed towards the elevator. Only a few seconds passed as the door opened a large bearded man stood inside holding open the door with a large grin covering his face. Instantly I knew it was him as I tried to move away from the elevator he was quicker and pulled me inside. Holding my grocery bag at an angle the door would not close he grabbed and hit me hard in the face. Stumbling, just enough to put him off balance, I ran out to the parking garage holding a can of tomatoes from my bag that I had dropped outside the elevator. He was gaining and would catch me, in a second using my training in Karate I kept cool relying on what my teaching had been.

My coordination was excellent from my ten years practicing karate as he closed in on me I threw the can as hard as I could hitting him in his left eye. Stunning, him for a moment giving me time to hit him in his other eye with a mawashi geri. He was down on the cement trying to get up holding his face as blood spurted down his body. I waited as he tried to get up on one knee trying to focus on me through the blood then I let him have another kick to his head.

The police arrived just as he lay moaning with me giving him another kick to keep him helpless.

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