Sunday 29 September 2013

Dead or Alive

The pounding continued it would not stop, someone kept shinning a bright light into my eyes.
Someone kept squeezing my hand, it was so annoying and it hurt like hell. Pinching and prodding, then a sharp pain ran through my whole being.

Had I died and gone to hell? I felt so cold, it could not be hell. Voices were murmuring from far away. Sounds were garbled and I could not understand who or what they said. I was trying hard to concentrate on listening to make out if I recognized any of the voices. Some whimpering constantly near.  I tried to open my eyes, nothing happened no matter how hard I tried. I could hear a pumping and a bell-like ringing, then silence, which seemed to go on forever.
Someone was talking again and probing my body. I could hear a male voice droning to another person, I could not make out what he was saying, just a humming in my ears. The bright light again, then a another sharp pain. Where was I ?

A machine never stopped thumping. My head was aching and I wanted to yell to keep the noise down, but when I tried to speak nothing came out, I think it was my mouth, but could not be sure. The sensations were muted too. Then an object pulled from my mouth, now finding it harder to breathe. The thumping stopped. Had I been on life support? Had they shut it off?

All had become very quiet, no machine sound, as I tried to focus on a white shape hovering over me, it was washing my body so very gentle and singing softly. Was this my angel preparing me for heaven?

Then gently lifted onto a gurney, slowly floating down a stark white hallway. Pushed through a large metal door and placed on a cold table, covered only by a sheet. It was so cold and dark, silence again. No one was here. I lay shivering for what seemed like forever.

My legs would not work. I tried to pull myself to a sitting position, looking side to side, I could see steel drawers on either side of where I lay. Only one light shone over a sink. I was in a morgue and thought dead. I had to get up and out of here before someone put me inside a drawer.

Was this just my soul or was I alive?

As I lay alone I started to try to remember what had happened before I came here.  I had been out walking on a sunny afternoon after leaving a friend for lunch. I had been on my way home, stopping to pick up a few groceries for a dinner that I had planned to cook for an old friend who had arrived in town for a few days.

Someone was bound to come into this dank gloomy place soon. I could hear banging in the distance and kept trying to call for help, nobody came.

I had to stay awake!

In my mind, I prepared the dinner I was going to make, feeling very hungry, so I must be alive, or I would not feel hunger. Would I? Please let me be alive.

I remember a crash, being, thrown through the air, a man looking down at me with his cell phone calling for help. A red car stopped inches from my head, my groceries spewed over the road. Sirens blaring, men hooking me up to wires, someone saying hurry or we are going to lose her. A face hovered over me, a soft peaceful voice talking and holding my hand. Honking, sirens continued, we were on a bumpy road as my body swayed side-to-side, hands trying to keep me still. Then not anything.

I must have gone in and out of consciousness. I was so cold.

I could hear footsteps and voices laughing as the door opened, two people dressed in all white came into the room. They were looking down at me and then one opened the steel drawer while the other pushed the gurney towards it. 
Trying to move to stop them, they were talking about a party they were going to attend that evening.

Please pay attention to me I am not dead! Can you not see me breathing? My eyes flutter? As they slid me into the drawer I tried to get them to notice but they were still talking and laughing about some stupid man. 

Yelling as loud as I could, they shut the drawer with a bang?


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  1. OMG my favourite story you have written!!!!!!! Just awesome!!!! LOVED IT!! Bravo!