Thursday 20 June 2013

Soul search

My soul was feeling ethereal, I could not recognize why.

I had fidgety nights, waking and not able to get back to sleep. My psyche was out of balance, as much as I tried to figure out what was erroneous I could not. My symmetry was definitely off and the sensation kept creeping in that someone watched from above the universe.
Voices came in waves, I could never understand what they said, but it was continuous through the night. When I finally slept, my dreams were indistinguishable of what had transpired, never remembering what my imaginings had been. That was strange for me as I always remembered when I awoke. My body felt that I had been out in a cloudburst as I was drenched and quivering. Something was happening in the cosmos, until I could find out what I would not be at peace within my core.

I had not taken to the skies for any extraterrestrial travel and wondered if that was my problem. I must admit the last trip had left me uncertain of what I would encounter on my next undertaking to visit my friends. The last twice I had only run into my angels and devil like creatures. They had been waiting for me on both trips. None of my human friends had ventured to the skies for sometime. Did they have a shocking incident as I had come across and were fearful to return?

I was a person who faced my fears and decided to try to travel tonight.

The skies were full of foreboding dark clouds, not a pleasant night. Should I put off my travels for a brighter and more pleasurable time? Was I just procrastinating? Looking for an excuse not to go tonight?  My body trembled as I lay in bed waiting for sleep to come. My spirit felt heavy as a brick as I lay willing myself to go, nothing happened and I was about to give up when I started floating high above the clouds. They seemed to part as I rose higher with every movement I made. Yet I still had a laden down feeling within.
I could only see streaks of light flying through the clouds as darkness surrounded me. I felt vulnerable and alone, not a friendly face, just mysterious space invader like figures swirling around me, coming closer every time.

I moved away going higher into murky space. No stars shone and I could not see clearly, so I decided to return to earth. As I floated downward, a gust of wind kept pulling me higher above the clouds. Some terrestrial life form had control of my body not giving me a chance to break free. I could feel their power as I was under their magnetic pull. They wanted me to see what was transpiring in my universe.

What I saw directly in front of me was complete carnage. The devil spirit figures were being eliminated, one by one, as they tried to sweep away these small creatures from outer space. They had more power than the evil devils.  Now I wondered if these aliens wanted to be our friends. Or showing us what they were capable of.

My angels floating in groups came into view looking unsure, not understanding what had been happening. The devil spirits were all gone, but for how long?

The sky opened up as the last space invader disappeared from sight as the stars shone brightly and lit up the white clouds.

My equilibrium felt centered once again.

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