Tuesday 25 June 2013

Just Business

When do you know when enough is enough?

My latest employee had been around for six months, lately he had started to get on my nerves.

Every time we were out on a business venture, he always had to stick to me like glue. I told him to find someone else to talk to as I wanted to work the crowd,  I needed to get more backing for a new project that I had been working hard on for several months.

Most of my clients were wealthy men who had to be seduced into opening their wallets. To me that was part of the game we played and I knew I had a mooch hooked to give me a large cheque when I flirted back and led them on.  A woman in this fast pace lifestyle had to work her wiles to have them coming back with every new project that I brought to them. I loved living on this edge as in my business I walked a fine line between legal and not so legal. I brought big dividends to my clients. I had made millions but so had they.

Salvador is what he called himself. His real name was Sam, but he thought that was just not suitable for his self-esteem it was too plain according to him. He thought he could play with the big boys. And girls. 
He had started showing a jealous streak especially if one of my clients came on strong towards me. He didn't seem to get that I was actually playing that game for my own benefit. He was only my window dressing and bodyguard when I needed a big man to serve as my messenger for any unpleasant tasks.

I had decided Salvador had outdone his usefulness and after tonight, he would be sent packing, as he had started to think he was a big part of my business that I alone had built. He was starting to remind me of my last employee who was still bothering me after I had fired him over a year ago. Why did men think they were smarter than I was?   
That is where they made a big mistake.

Arriving at our home after a very successful night, I poured myself a drink and one for Sam. Then wrote out a severance cheque. Handing it to him, he tore it up and told me that I was not going to get rid of him that easy, he was now part of my empire and was staying as he had lots of information on me and had no problem telling the tax department or the police.

I told him he did not know who he was dealing with and he would be smart to take the cheque. He laughed saying he was in for the long haul and expected more money to keep his mouth shut.

That is when my mind started to plan on how to get rid of him. Nobody was going to blackmail me and get away with it. I had worked far too long and hard to get where I was. I told him I would sleep on his proposition and let him know in the morning. Pouring him another drink, he smirked, downing it in one swallow and left for his room boasting that he had big plans for us being together as a couple so for me to think on that through the night. 

I waited for him to go to sleep and quietly I slipped into his room. The pills were defiantly working that I had slipped into his drinks. Tying his arms and legs and putting tape over his mouth, he never stirred. My intuition was right on knowing he would not leave quietly without his own nefarious plan. His breathing was a bit slow, but nothing that would show when he woke up. I left with his watch and his glass from the drinks, making sure not to leave my fingerprints. I also took one of Sams shoes to leave an impression on the dirt outside my ex-employee  house.  Heading out to visit Greg.

He let me in when I rung up, looking happy to see me. The first comment out of his mouth was he knew I would need him back. 
I shot him with my Beretta. 

Messed his place up making it look like a fight had happened, leaving the watch and glass near the body.

Heading home, I looked in on Sam who was still in a sound sleep. Wiping off the gun I placed his hands around it laying it beside his sleeping body. Took the tape off his mouth and undid his hands and legs. He remained in a sound sleep.

I waited for another two hours, then lifting the phone, I explained to the operator at 911. I had heard my employee come in. He came into my room waving my gun around and yelling about killing my ex-employee out of jealousy. 
Please send the police right away. I was afraid for my life. Sam awoke already in handcuffs and is now serving twenty years.

Talk about killing two birds with one bullet.

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