Friday 16 November 2012

Dreaming in outer darkness.

I wake up tired, wondering what I have done through the night.

Sleeping is supposed to be restful. Peaceful. Ready to take on a new day. My subconscious mind was working overtime. Wonder if my brain ever shuts down.

When I close my eyes I hesitate to drift off. Where will my next dream take me?
Floating through space and enjoying this time to my self and being alone, until I come across others doing the same thing. Going to places I have never seen or knew existed.

One dark man I met wanted to take me on his travels and told me once I was there I would never want to leave. I could hear a constant ringing in my ears blocking out his voice willing me to follow. I tried to listen. His voice fading as he thought I was behind him.

 I awoke with a start the dam phone was ringing.

Was that the sound of me howling in darkness?

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