Tuesday 13 November 2012

Dream on

I dream dead people.

Conversations with them. Some in heaven some in hell. Is heaven heaven? Is hell hell?
They float as we converse. I love it when we discuss what they see and hear about people I know past and present.The dreams become more frequent. I have always known about events that have yet to happen, good or bad. Who is telling me these things? I keep the scary ones to myself, but give a subtle hint to those close. Mix it into a conversation I'm having with them.

My friend who passed twenty years ago tells me stories that I was not aware of happening. I have given her tales about things that have happened since she departed. I don't want to wake up from these dreams. Some are like nightmares. I try to forget but they are the recurring ones. Sometimes when I wake I walk the dark halls trying to analyze what they mean. Will I ever find out or have to wait till I float with my friends.

  When I leave this sphere, will it be exciting or frightening? I have to go though, don't I? Not because of Life's Death, but because I have to go. To explore new passages toward the light. Do I take my heaven and hell with me? Is that my soul?

 Or leave it behind?

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