Sunday 20 December 2015

A Visit

The street light reflected the snowflakes sparkling, as they swirled through the air, landing lightly to the ground.

I felt the softness of the crimson satin sheets as I made up my bed, the champagne submerged in ice, two glasses sat alongside. The fireplace reflected my nude body in the mirror as I slipped out of my nightgown, sliding beneath the cool sheets, the feel of  soft fabric on my body as I snuggled under the eiderdown.

Drifting off into never land, a noise awakened my senses, there stood a figure in red flannel rubbing his hands beside the fire as he slowly disrobed. His bulk lay beside me as we  intertwined, his caress started as we made passionate love, then sated we lifted the champagne to our lips and nibbled a shortbread cookie toasting each other. As I drifted off a whisper in my ear, "Ho Ho, Merry Christmas."

I awoke, from a click of my door. I could feel the warmth where he had laid beside me, my body quivered, as I relived this beautiful Christmas Eve and my visit from Santa.

1 comment:

  1. I want a visit like that from a Santa Claus!!! lol