Monday 2 February 2015


My partner lay in my arms with blood running down my lap and legs, if he did not get to a doctor, I was sure he would die.

We had been on a stakeout twenty miles from town in an orchard where two drug dealers had been waiting for over six hours for their suppliers to arrive. At least that was what our source told us.

We had eaten all our snacks and coffee hours ago, Joe was dying for a cigarette, but was afraid the ember would be seen from inside the cabin, he was getting antsy. He left to take a pee in the bush.

That is when I heard a shot then another, two men coming straight in my line of vision, with two shotguns sweeping the area. I pulled out my glock lying on the ground beside a log, they came within inches of my body. It was a cool night yet the sweat was running down my face and back. I could probably get one shot off before they got me. I could hear one say not to worry he was dead, and to get on with business. A small light swayed in the breeze on the porch, a man opened the door a slit as the two slipped through the opening.

I ran towards Joe he was so still I turned him over to see a large hole in his chest, my whole body shook as I took off my jacket stuffed it around his wound. He had blood running down his arm the second shot had hit his shoulder. He told me to leave him to go and get help.

I half dragged him to our car that was under some tree branches. Finally, I manoeuvred him into the back seat propping his head up on a pillow that we always had with us so one could sleep if it was a long stakeout.

As I started the engine the door to the shack opened, a man emerged with his gun raised. He came running towards the car getting off a shot to the windshield before I floored the engine stalling it just as I clipped him with my fender and sent him flying. The three others came out the door at a run as I swerved to miss a tree and got off a shot to the tires of the truck that was sitting there. The car stalled again as the men grew closer one had his hand on the door, twisting I let off two shots the engine finally caught I turned on to the highway, yelling to Joe to keep awake, he finally told me to stop yelling, I was giving him a headache.

Good sign.

I called for help over my radio to have emergency crews ready for Joe at the hospital. My rear view mirror showed a car gaining on me, I had my foot as far down on the petal as it would go but the car was still gaining swearing that I should have disabled that one as well. Calling for backup to intervene and stop this car. Joe always joked that I drove too slow, well not this time as I raced down the highway, holding the steering wheel so tight my hands started to numb. The car started to swerve on the road because of the speed I just kept my foot on the gas petal. A police car passed me with flashing lights. I turned a corner a dark road behind me.

Praying Joe was not losing any more blood. I drove into the emergency entrance a stretcher and five people were waiting. They had Joe out of the back seat on the stretcher and whisked away before I could even say a word. The police chief was waiting for me, asking me all the details. I asked if they had called Joes wife, which was one woman that I did not want to deal with right now. She had made it very clear that I was not a favorite person of hers, at barbecues or work related function, she had made it clear that I spend more time with her husband than she did. Once after too much wine she had accused me of having an affair with Joe. Telling me, she would make sure Joe never saw his kids again if she caught him cheating on her.

A doctor had come out of surgery to update the chief and me how things were progressing as Maria burst through the doors. The loathing showed on her face as soon as she saw me. The doctor mentioned Joe was holding his own, he would be in surgery at least another hour. He mentioned whoever had put a jacket into the bleeding hole to stop the flow had helped save his life.

A nurse came over handing me some scrubs, I had not even noticed that my clothes where covered with Joes blood. She ushered me into a washroom to change leaving me. The door explode open, Maria stood screaming that if we had not been fooling around Joe would not been shot. She was becoming hysterical I slapped her across the face and walked out.

Joes stay in the hospital lasted longer than expected, I visited only once as the family made it clear I was not welcome. I tried going in late at night but the nurses always said he was sleeping and not to disturb him.

They wanted to set me up with another partner after a month, saying no, the boss put me on desk duty for not doing what I was told.

I was getting restless tied to a desk and was going to cave and take on another partner. I would decide after my days off. A light knock came to my door early in the morning as I was having my coffee. Opening all I could see was a bouquet of red roses and a face smiling at me. Joe took me into his arms and then the dam broke, I cried until I had no more tears left. His eyes filled and he asked would I please let him in to sit.

That is when I knew all would be fine.

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