Wednesday 10 December 2014

Planet Visiting

A visit to space before the holiday season.

I had not astral traveled for a time, my visit had to be just right for all the planets to align. 
The holiday season was a special time not just here on earth but on all the planetary places where my friends spent their time.

My energy had to be very elevated to able me to ascend soaring to all the levels of outer space. They did not believe in gift giving at Christmas, they showed their love in many other ways.
Visiting stars and planets were their way of showing their kindness of love for each other often traveling from planet to planet helping all that needed it at the time. The stars lit their way when the moon or sun was not bright enough.

I had been honored to be included on my friends travels many time, I one of the very few who were allowed passage to some of the unknown planets that had yet to be discovered by our scientists. Without them saying, it was a privilege and I never discuss our secret when I returned to earth. Some planets they wanted to keep for themselves.
As I prepared for bed, leaving my light on, they would know that I was coming tonight.

How I never asked.

As I reached, my dream state voices excitedly jabbered and then I was soaring through the sky faster than any plane I had ever witnessed. Laughing, smiling faces greeted me as we were followed through space.

The holiday season was celebrated with food, song and dance. The stars were the decorations, and the moon shone brightly to light the way for all. As I neared the sound of music reverberated in my ears, the smell of delicious morsels filled my nostrils.
The food floated through the area on beautiful clouds everyone nibbled as it passed, if you missed in the first time around you never had to worry as it would certainly reappear filling all those happy hungry faces. The liquid had a treacly taste flowing from fountains of stars that hovered above the food.

Friends waved as they passed by dancing and singing, some sat on clouds with musical instruments posed as if it was a full orchestra waiting to perform. Looking around so many welcoming friends happy to see that I had joined them for this special night.

As the night progressed, more people that I had not seen for so many years joined the crowd. Some faces that had passed on earth through the years gone by, waving hello some came up with huge hugs and kisses, with stories of what they had done since being here, looking genuinely contented to celebrate this holiday season here. I was sorry to have to leave them, but so happy that I had had an opportunity to visit promising I would return.

My heart lightened as I descended to earth.

I awoke Christmas morning hearing Christmas carols from my window.

Another year was soon to be over, but I was able to enjoy two festivities.

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