Thursday 22 May 2014


This last week I have had an unsettling feeling that will not leave my earthly world. 

At night, I toss and rotate in my mind bizarre scenarios even though my whole being is exhausted, needing sleep that will not come. I wait patiently for my astrophysical body to take control and send me out into the skies and further beyond to give me strength to travel to outer freedom with independence for my soul.

When the moon dips and disappears and the bright sun starts to rise, I finally drift into a troubled fitful slumber only to be awakened by children’s carefree chatter heading off to school. My day starts with another swirling feeling that something ominous will happen.

I busy myself with everyday nonsense, hoping this feeling would lighten from the love that surrounds my body and spirit. Wandering out to my private yard, an area of grass that I let grow longer than the trimmed part of my garden, I sink into the cool blades of grass, the sweet aroma filling my nostrils.

Looking up I see dark clouds swirling,with faces etched in each one. They are trying to draw me into their darkness. My body tightens as I clutch the grass to keep from floating towards these appalling cruel and disfigured faces, their mouths wide open beckoning me to be engulfed inside them. Willing my body to stay on the ground, the darkness creeps slowly towards me.

Hiding my face in the grass I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, tears start to flow down my cheek, a slight wind scurries across the sky,  a breeze touching my face. 

I fall into a trance like sleep, waking to find a slit of sunshine has appeared with puffy white clouds surrounding the yellow glow.

I feel my body starting to lighten, a weighty pressure lifting from my spirit, drifting upward. Visions of white clouds float past me, my strength responds, lifting my astral spirits to a new level.

Gliding, weightless my psyche has once again, become centered and my soul is at peace.

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  1. That was full of nice images and I could feel your grasp.