Friday 15 February 2013

My unconscious mind

I went to bed early, fell asleep when my head hit the pillow and plunged into a dream sleep of a warm place.  
My subconscious mind heard a click, and I wondered what the noise was? My body tightened as I felt a slight breeze over my face.
I slowly moved my eyes towards the sliding door, not showing my face above the covers. Then a small creak as the door slid opened another crack, then nothing. I waited.

Someone was on my patio waiting very quietly to make sure I was still sleeping. Was my imagination playing mind tricks or did I see a dark shape move. I was wide-awake now and started to tremble.

My hand inched towards my bedside drawer. I faked a snore to cover my movement to the drawer. Another scrape as the door slid opened further allowing the breeze to ruffle the curtain. I felt for my gun and I slowly picked it up and clicked the safety off.

Whoever was there must have heard me as the door burst open with a crash and a tall dark movement was coming straight at me. I could now hear his breathing, My instincts took over.Taking aim at the dark figure who was just about upon me, so close I could smell his rancid breath. I pulled the trigger. 

The bang woke me up. Was it a car backfiring out on the street? Or was it a gun shot?

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