Wednesday 10 April 2013

Dark Side

I wonder what it would be like to travel to the other side. Experiencing the unknown of the dark side of life. Through the years, I have had requests by some to come and join them on their journey to the unknown depths of the cosmos. I want to go and find for myself what really is beyond this earth of ours, not just in my dreams.

Have I left it too long? I think not, as I am more aware of life’s different paths and where they can lead. I have left my passive ways and I am open to so much more at this point in my being, separating myself from the mundane continuation of everyday goings on. 
Yes, I have decided to travel to the dark side.

Much expectation runs through my thoughts as I prepare for the journey. A mystifying unfamiliar flight. Will I find the dark side is different for everyone?
It does not matter, I am doing this for me.

I want to understand and indulge in every aspect there is to learn and discover what my friends have called probing, exploring things far beyond earthbound beliefs. They say we are a spec of light in the whole civilization of outer space.
Finding a freedom of travel through my mind is much more exhilarating than earth travel in a capsule or vicariously through a telescope. I leave my earthly self far behind with open anticipation and eagerness of what I may discover beyond the reach of the ordered psyche.

I am acutely aware of my extrasensory perception and try to develop it daily. I enjoy letting my thoughts and dreams wander, playing games within my head, others unaware, while seeing what happens in different circumstances and scenarios. 

When I lie in the grass, looking up farther than the eye can see, I cannot be the only one to seek answers beyond our horizon? Where is the horizon? I want to daydream about what I am missing in the vast space beyond. And go there. 

The universe has so many questions. Will I have more knowledge when I move on to the unknown? Will I have the thought transference to pass on to someone that is still living here earth-bound?

Do I need to or should I be content to travel on my own?

What will I discovery on this dark side. 
Perhaps myself.


  1. Do we all have a dark side and need to discover it?

    1. I'm sure we do, but discovering it may be harder for some.