Sunday 14 April 2013

Alone and Vulnerable

None of my friends wanted to run this beautiful night, the moon was full the stars sparkled and my energy intensity was soaring. I had to get out for a jog before I exploded. My nerves felt frayed from the entire trauma that was going on this week at work.

Even my dog did not want to move from his comfort zone on his mattress. He just put his head down and would not look at me when I coaxed. Feeling dejected I tied my runners, grabbed my keys, and off I went.

I had been running for an hour and felt exhilarated and had gotten my second wind when I came upon a curve that took me a bit off the main path and passed a clump of trees. I knew this route so well, I was about ten minutes from my favorite cafe. Tonight I would stop for a latte.

It was the rustle of the trees, which alerted me first, a dark haired man came from behind the trees naked, with a knife in his hand, not saying a word just motioning me closer. Instinct took over I looked around, no one in sight. My mind processed the scenario, he was big, strong, but looked out of shape. Could I outrun this crazy man?

I edged away asking him what he wanted, and then took off at a sprint, so intense on getting far away quickly as possible. I did not even look back but could hear his loud footsteps behind me. He had taken off his cloths but not his shoes. I had miscalculated the shape he was in, as he was gaining on me from pure male strength.

I was running full out and still too far away from where anyone would hear me. His breathing was getting shallow and sounded like he was running out of power. Was I just being optimistic?

That is when I felt a sharp pain in my back; he had thrown his knife and got me in my lower back. The throbbing was intense and I could feel the blood as my shirt became wet. I was starting to feel light headed as I bent over twisting to try to turn and take the knife from my back. The more I struggled to reach behind me the more the blood came, I felt I was going to pass out, this maniac was going to kill me.
I could hear him getting closer, and then he spoke for the first time, cursing under his breath. I looked up to see him above me as I tried to get to my feet, finally feeling the knife come free from my body. He tried to grab the knife from my hand as I turned towards him I knew I was fighting for my life. I slashed towards his face; his head ducked and was coming up with his fist clenched. The horror in his eyes, as he saw and felt the knife protrude from his jugular. He died in seconds, it was his blood spurting on the ground, not mine. Scrambling to my feet the shock took hold and my body started to shake, I had killed this pathetic man.

Will I jog alone again, probably?

The next time I would have his knife to protect me.

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