Sunday 1 March 2015


Why were my superiors punishing me?

In my meeting for my next assignment, my boss told me I was to be partnered up with the most arrogant man in the station. Jeff was the laziest cop in this division. He thought he was god’s gift to women, strutted around the office every morning telling tales about what women he had had the night before and went into details of how he made her night the best she had ever had.

I always ignored him rarely even talked or looked at him, unless it had to do with work. After the meeting, I stormed into my boss Jim's office exploding as I told him I refused to work undercover with a jerk like Jeff. He let me rant until I had run out of breath and sat fuming.

Jim explained he needed me on this one, as my face was new to the narcotics division and not known to the drug lords in Mexico. Jeff had worked undercover in Mexico before knowing most of the drug lords, so it would be easy to take some of them down as they had a big connection here in Los Angles. They had gotten bolder in the trafficking of drugs to our city. What they were passing off as cocaine was laced with lye and many addicts had overdosed in our city. It was becoming an epidemic.

We were to leave in two days after my identification and phony passports were ready. I was not happy but could not win this argument. Jeff was waiting for me when I came out of Jim’s office with a huge grin on his face. He laughed and said he would teach me how to enjoy having a great man to satisfy my every need. That is when I bunched my fist up punching him right in his pretty face hearing a crack and him howling I left.

On the taxi ride to the airport, I wondered what was in store for the next couple of weeks having to spend time with this jerk. Arriving Jeff was sitting reading the paper with a coffee as he let the paper drop his face was swollen black and yellow color spread across his nose. I certainly had hit my target right on. We waited in silence until our flight was called boarding without a word we found our seats. He pushed me with a grunt to get the window seat. I could care less as I planned to sleep through the flight.

I was to be a buyer that he was bringing to the table of a Mr. José, who was one of the biggest cocaine dealers in Mexico. Again riding to our hotel the silence was a relief for me. He would have to start talking once in the company of Mr. José, I could wait him out. I was good on my feet anything he said I could handle.

The taxi driver tried to start a conversation with Jeff, telling him to keep quiet in terrible Spanish. Jeff did not know that I spoke Spanish, I would keep that to myself.

The sun had just set as we drove up to the hotel entrance, the air was still warm even with a small breeze. A slight bent over man picked up our bags taking them inside to the desk. I noticed he had two fingers missing from each hand as he waited to take us to our rooms. He opened the balcony sliding door and a waft of a sweet smell of bougainvillea filled my room. The view of a pool sat below, Jeff’s room was next to mine, and he was out on his patio. First and only words, out of his mouth, was to set my alarm, as we would have an early start in the morning.

We had gotten rid of all paper work after reading it on the plane, so both knew what to expect of each other the next day.

I awoke to a slight knock and a young girl came in with coffee and a fruit plate. The phone rang all I heard was Jeff telling me to be down in the lobby in an hour we were meeting Mr. José at his villa at noon and had a few things to go over before getting there.

The swelling had gone down some and his color was mostly a pale yellow. We went over some details and Jeff was all business as we laid out our plans. He would do most of the talking until it was time for me to tell how much I wanted and to try to get him down in the price. I would stress that if I got what I wanted and needed he would be my only source and connection here in Mexico.

His driver picked us up right on time and drove us far up into the hills, what seemed like a good hour. Jeff and I chatted like old business friends about anything that came to mind. All at once, a large gate opened behind a row of trees, onto a wide driveway flowers blooming all the way up, to an elegant home sitting surrounded by trees flower cascading over rockeries.

The scent was overwhelming as we got out of the car, I had never seen so many flowers in bloom all at once. The door was open a large burly man stood just inside, tables filled with more flowers scattered throughout the hall and large living room. A squat man who must have been no more than five feet came to greet us shaking Jeff’s and kissing mine.

Mr. José looked like an old grandfather as he asked what we would like to drink. After pouring Jeff rum I lemon water, we sat. Then business, Mr. José did not waste time he got right down to how I planned to pay for the merchandize, how much did I need and he went on about plans on how to get it to its destination which did not seem to worry him as he had many sources in LA. That was when his demeanor changed from grandfather to drug dealer.

He told me my background was scrutinized, by the best in the business and I had passed with excellence. Lunch was set out, on a large patio with five other men joining us. These men would make sure my product would land safe state side. When introduced I hope Jeff had caught some of their names as I only could remember three as they were introduce quickly as if they really did not want us to remember their name. One asked me if I spoke Spanish saying I wish I did but was terrible at learning any other languages

We left shortly after lunch, Mr. José saying he would contact us tomorrow in regards to arrangements, payment and the amount that he was willing to sell me the first time. He hoped our arrangement would benefit us both. The big man from the entrance came in whispering in Spanish telling Mr. José that they had finished going through our hotel rooms and found a gun in Mr. Jeff’s room. Jeff was not supposed to bring any weapons with him. They had put in a bug in both rooms.

I was fuming on the way back to the hotel and could not say anything until we got back Jeff went to go up to his room when I told him we had to go for a walk down to the beach. A small grin appeared, until I lit into him about the gun and the bugs in our rooms. The questioning look told me he had not heard the conversation back at the villa.

Now we may not be trusted because he did not follow orders.

The next day we did not hear from Mr. José, I started to worry that Jeff had screwed the deal. We met for dinner in the hotel, and Jeff told me I worried too much, deals take time. I reminded him we were supposed to hear today about the arrangements. Then appearing in the lobby was two of the men that had been at lunch along with the big guy. I could see the bulge in his jacket he was carrying. He stayed and the two others made their way towards our table sitting before even being asked. They were not in a friendly mood.

Mr. Jose wanted to see Jeff alone tonight they were there to take him to the villa. I asked what was going on and why had we not heard from Mr. José as promised. I was told to wait at the hotel until further notice. Jeff finished his dinner before getting up and followed them out the door.

Something was just not right.

I was on my own, as I did not want to take a chance of a call to Jim, they probably had all the phones monitored to hear our conversations. Jeff did not come back that night as I kept calling his room. Had he screwed our chance to bring this drug lord down?

In the morning Jeff still had not come back, so I rented a car saying I wanted to see the sights of their beautiful city, driving until I came to an old rundown motel, asking if I could use the phone, I took a chance and called an old friend. He knew I worked for the police, he ran an import/export business. We had a long history together, I asked him if he could get me a gun as I was in a sticky situation.
We met an hour later I checked my rear view mirror constantly to see if anyone was following. Mike was already at the cafe drinking a long iced drink getting up he gave me a long hug slipping the gun into my bag as we sat. We chatted about old times him asking if I needed any help. I explained why I was in Mexico and about Jeff.

His advice was to get on the next plane out, as he knew the reputation of Mr. José. He killed anyone who he thought was trouble. He was known to maim men that had tried to stay away from his drug business when asked to do his dirty deeds. Cutting off some of their body parts, to show others he was in control.

Mike offered to call Jim from his place of work for me and see if Jim agreed that I should leave. I told him I would wait to see, thanking him we parted, telling him I would be in touch. As I entered the hotel lobby, the big guy was waiting asking me where I had been, I asked him where Jeff was and why this deal was not finished. He said Mr. Jose wanted me to come to the villa right now. He did not like to wait especially for women.

I told him if Mr. Jose wanted to do business with me then he could come to the hotel himself or the deal was off. And to bring Jeff with him. I walked towards the elevator trying not to shake he started to follow, I stopped telling him to go and report to his boss now.

The phone rang an hour later it was Jeff asking what was going on. I yelled into the phone what kind of go between was he disappearing all night, I was ready to cancel the deal looking elsewhere as I found another dealer that was happy to get my business. I listened to see if Jeff had someone telling him what to say. I could hear Spanish in the background relaying the conversation. The words sent a chill through me Jeff said all was fine and he would be back to satisfy me sexually like always.

I repeated my demand that Mr. José come to the hotel with Jeff within the hour to finish the transaction or I would go ahead with another seller. If Mr. José wanted to lose millions that was fine with me.

Leaving my room, I went looking for the door attendant with the missing fingers. I asked if he wanted to make enough money never to have to work again. He nodded asking what he had to do. I explained he was to hand a message when Mr. Jose arrived to leave his bodyguard and minions in the lobby, the note reading was he so afraid to deal with one woman alone.

A knock came within the hour and Jeff walked in he looked terrible, his eyes told he we had not been compromised. Mr. José had a big grin and laughed as he sat. When he saw, my gun pointed at him the grin disappeared. He went to get up from his chair, as I hit him hard with the handle of the gun, blood spurted out from his nose as he fell back.

Jeff went into action tying his hands with the cord from the drapes. Asking how were we going to get him out of here without his bodyguards seeing him. Jeff’s face changed as he saw me screw on the silencer to my gun. I knew there was no way we could get him out of Mexico and we needed him to tell us his contacts in Los Angles. I put the gun to his head and said I would only ask once about his contacts if he wanted to live he better start talking. As my contractor did not care if he was dead or alive He ranted, we would never get out of Mexico alive. I put the gun to his knee pulled the trigger.Telling him the next shot was going to hit his pudic artery between his legs, nothing sexual but I am going to severe it and you will bleed out. Your head will start to spin and we will sit and listen to what you have to say. That is when Jeff lost in falling back into a chair staring at me in disbelieve.

The names flowed quickly all ten well know names in high placed from our area, we already knew a few of the names, now had proof.

That is when I put a bullet into his head.

We left the hotel by the service elevator.

Mike picked us up in the lane behind the hotel, taking us to his plane. I passed the gun back to Mike telling him he could plant it on one of Mr. José associates if he chose to. I had a envelope for Mike to give to the door attendant that had been helpful.

We faxed the names from Mr José list Jim would look after all them.

Jeff was very quiet once again.

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