Thursday 9 May 2013

Jail Time

I had been sentenced to a year for murdering two men. They had raped and sodomized me continually in their basement for a year. Taking me whenever they felt the urge to hurt and humiliate me. The jury stated I had used far more force than necessary when killing and cutting off what my captors called jewels. I could be released in six months for good behavior.

I was an ordinary person living a normal life until a van had followed me walking home from work. I noticed the vehicle moving slowly behind me for a block and I had started to walk faster to a better-lit area. No one was around for me to yell for help. When I saw one man jump from the van, I started to run but he caught me and before I had time to fight. The van pulled up and the other man grabbed me and threw me inside. They taped my mouth, tied my hands and legs, and threw a hood over my head.  Whatever chemical they had put on the hood knocked me out.

My jail cell number is embedded in my brain 6733. The prison put me in with another women whose face told many stories, she had a scar down her cheek from her left eye to her chin, straggly bleached blond hair and long red nails. She must have weighed over two hundred pounds with legs on her like a sumo wrestler. She didn’t speak only motioned to me that my bunk was the top one.

The clamor was so loud through the building I wondered if anyone ever slept. They had given me two outfits in orange and told me they had to do me for a week, along with rough under garments. Everyone got three showers a week, but we could wear our own shoes. This was going to be a long year. I would try to behave to get out sooner.

I had been in good shape before my kidnap, working out, a runner and practiced marital arts. The captive year had taken a toll on me and my first priority was to get back into shape. We were allowed outside for one hour a day. My first day did not go well. Three women approached me, filling me in on who was in charge of us girls. Apparently the woman who ran this institution was not a guard or the warden, her name was Maude, a prisoner in for life. She would come visit me whenever she chose to and I had better be prepared to satisfy her.

I headed towards the gym and started my training. Only a few seemed to train and one woman told me that most just wanted to read, cause trouble, or gossip about what went on in here. She was serving her last year for armed robbery and looking forward to seeing her boyfriend when she got out. A young girl named Lucy was doing weights and I showed her the proper way.She started to talk and asked if she could train with me. She had killed her abusive husband.

A guard approached me as I headed back to my cell and told me I could curry favors from him if I gave him sex. I said no thanks and kept walking. That night I heard my cell open automatically and in walked my visitor for some satisfaction. She told sumo to get lost as she slapped me across the face, guess she wanted to send me a clear message. I let her move closer before I hit her with a high kick to her face, her shock told me she had not been challenged before. I had caught her by surprise. She came at me with vengeance, her dark squinty eyes ablaze. I went for her chin this time and heard a sickening crack as my punch landed. Guess I was in better shape than I thought. She swore I would regret this as she left the cell. Sumo was back within minutes and quietly slid into bed.

Going down to breakfast, everyone had their eyes glued to their plates, no one making a sound when I walked in. Maude was no where to be seen. Lucy filled me in that she was in the infirmary with a broken jaw and black eye and needed surgery. The guard that had mentioned favors gave me a smirk and kept staring with his evil looking eyes. Didn’t he realize that I had dealt with two devils before and he did not scare me one bit. As I went past him after breakfast he pulled me to the side and told me that I should expect him tonight. All I replied was if you want to end up like Maude come along.

The Warden summoned me to his office after breakfast, he wanted to know why Maude had ended up in hospital. I told him if he had any balls she would not have the run of this place and neither should a guard be asking for sexual favors from the prisoners. I did not want any trouble but I was not going to be sexually harassed after what I had endured for a year. I mentioned that the reporter who had covered my case had become a friend and he would be visiting me and was looking for a good story to write. The Warden asked if I was threatening him and I said yes.

My friend's first column appeared, naming the prison, and promising more to come.

I was released the next week with no problems from anyone at the prison, no reason given. 

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