Tuesday 7 May 2013

Be Prepared

Only one light shone in the cabin, the rest of the place was in darkness. I was at least fifty miles from civilization, cleaning my guns looking forward to target shooting tomorrow morning with the beer cans I had collected around the porch. A soft knock came to my door. No one knew I was even here.

The knocking persisted. I crept stealthily towards the door, a creak in the boards made what seemed like a loud noise in my ears. The knocking stopped as I listened. Nothing, not any sound from the other side. Then I thought I could hear breathing like someone had been holding their breath.

I stood in the blackness in silence waiting to see if the knocking would start again. Whoever was there thinking I would open the door as there was no peephole to look through. Quickly I went to get the gun I had cleaned and reassembled, slipping eight bullets into the clip. My Grandpa always told me to be prepared when he taught me to shoot. I opened the door swiftly to surprise anyone on the other side. No one was there.

I looked around but could not see anything in the darkness. Closing and locking the old door I put a chair against it for an extra protection, then carried on cleaning my second pistol. Finishing off and cleaning up, I slipped the weapon under the mattress. I started to yawn after my long day and two glasses of wine.

I lay on the bed still in my clothes, not wanting to undress as I had a feeling that someone was still out there in the darkness. I turned off the light, positioning myself so I was directly across from the door. As I started to nod off I heard a key being inserted into the keyhole. Silence, then the sound of the chair slowly scraping along the floor until the door swung open and there stood the man who had rented me the cabin.

His flashlight aimed at me and I caught the gleam of his shotgun. I reached for the gun in my drawer. He yelled and told me not to move as he came menacingly towards me. He flicked on the light putting his flashlight down telling me to take off my clothes.

I waited defiantly as he started to take off his pants, laying his gun down beside the bed. As he moved to try to get on top of me I smelled his body and saw the look of lust in his eyes. Did he really think it would be this easy? He was occupied with his conquest as I slowly moved my hand down under the mattress. 

I shot him twice.

As he slid off the bed his eyes filled with shock and disbelieve, he tried to speak. That is when he got the third bullet in his groin.

Target practice 10 AM


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  1. I love how you just get into it! No lead up, just bam!! Fantastic!