Wednesday 8 October 2014


It was dark as I entered my apartment, switching on the hall light I knew someone had been here. I always left some mail at the door it had been rearranged. I had been getting weird calls late at night with heavy breathing, not a word spoken. I stopped answering those two weeks ago. Yet they continued. I would be sitting having a coffee with a friend and could feel penetrating eyes on my back turn to find a shadow moving quickly away. This was happening more often at different times and places. My girlfriend mentioned while we were shopping that a man had taken our picture, but she could not see his face only his huge frame.

Walking, slowly into my kitchen, I picked up a knife as I passed the counter, checking each room carefully, as I went through. Reaching my bedroom a shape of a body was indented on my bed, whoever it was wanted me to know he had lain on my bed. Opening my side drawer beside the bed, my Glock was gone.

Now I had proof someone was stalking me and had been inside my apartment. I phoned the detective who I had previously told of my suspicions of someone stalking me. Mike Harman told me to stay in my apartment and lock the doors until he arrived. I heard the siren and then a loud knock, him identifying himself. It had only taken him ten minutes to arrive. Probably because I mentioned my gun had disappeared.

I repeated to Mike what had happen tonight, he went into the bedroom took my bedspread asking for a plastic bag. He made a call asking a forensic team to come and dust for prints.
He was now taking this seriously. Could I stay with a friend until they found out whom this was?  My close girlfriend lived a few blocks away so I phoned her and she said to pack and get over there. Mike drove me asking if he could keep a key to my place.

The next few days I knew that I was being tailed and happy it was the good guys. Sally and Mike made me promise not to go back to my place unless she or the police were with me. This went on for two weeks nothing happened, not wanting to impose on Sally any longer, I returned to my place and started to clean right through every room. That night the phone calls started up again, he knew I was back so he was still following me.

Telling Mike, he had my phone bugged to try to get a number and area from where the calls originated. Mike said they had found DNA and fingerprints but no matches so far. He wanted me back at Sally’s but I refused. I was not going to let this person upset my life. I replaced my gun, hiding it in my bathroom cabinet. I had the locks changed putting in an alarm system and that was as far as I would go.

Three weeks went past without any calls, he must know that my phone was tapped. I was sure, when I left the gym, I had someone behind me, but could never see anyone. When I went grocery shopping my hair would stand up and my body would get a shiver right up my spine. He was still out there, I was sure of it. Mike was kind always checking up and had a police cruiser drive past a few times a night, never the same time or schedule.

Christmas was only two weeks away, I had made plans to visit my family and was going to drive down next week, the last of my shopping I would do tomorrow after work. Meeting Sally we stopped for a hamburger at the mall then separated to shop. We planned to meet again at closing for a quick drink.
I loved this time of year, and always looked forward to seeing my siblings and their children. Moms, homemade goodies always a special treat. I was happy with my choices for the family showing my purchases to Sally over our drink. Promising to see her before, I left the following week. Heading home with Christmas carols on the radio. I certainly felt the spirit of Christmas.

Arriving home to find a gift box wrapped beautifully with a large red bow with a card inside my door, my intruder was back and had been inside again, my alarm had been cut,  running to the bathroom relief swept over me he had not found my gun. Calling Mike, it went to messages saying he would get back as soon as possible.

I unlocked the safety on my gun and went from room to room, checking closets under and behind furniture until I was sure, he was not here. On the kitchen counter were two wine glasses with an open bottle one glass already had had wine in it. A note to say he wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas. Then the phone rang, a deep voice telling me he loved my new hair cut, I had only had it done that day. He asked if I had opened my gift yet and he was sure that I would look fantastic in it.

I told him, to come over and see what, I looked like in whatever it was, I would wait and open it when he arrived and we could finish the bottle of wine together. His deep laugh vibrated through the phone, then he hung up.
A light knock came as I hung up, was it him, and was he that close. Slowly I peered out the curtain and a silhouette of man stood looking in at me. Calling  just a minute retrieving my gun from the table.
Opening the door I stepped back pointed the gun telling him to come in. His deep voice sounded surprised and sad as he told me I did not want to hurt him, he was the one to do the hurting.
I aimed fired three time and watched him slump to the floor inside my door.

I was not planning on waiting for a court day and him being released to start this all over again.

I dialed Mike’s number leaving another message.


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